CHINT Solidarity Challenge in support of “Freno al Ictus” Foundation

Chint Solidarity Challenge in support of“Freno al Ictus”Foundation

Chint Electrics Spain, within the framework of its Social Corporate Responsibility Plan, presents a new solidarity initiative, with the aim of impacting on improving health and reducing CO2.

CHINT CHALLENGE is an action to promote a healthy lifestyle in the form of a kilometer donation challenge (walking, running or cycling), with virtual team competition, through which CHINT Spain will support Freno al Ictus (“Stop Ictus”) Foundation and its project “Héroes en Casa” (“Heroes at home”).

CHINT Solidarity Challenge in Spain will take place from June 14 to July 14, and includes, as an awareness-raising action on stroke and its prevention, a previous conference on June 10, which will be held by Freno al Ictus and which will represent the launch of the challenge.

The multinational Chint GROUP maintains a strong commitment to causing a positive impact on society, especially in those countries where it is present. The company supports different actions in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is especially aware of the cause of decarbonization and health (UN SDG3 and SDG13).

With this approach, CHINT proposes walking (with the option also of running, cycling or swimming for the most athletic), as a way to improve health while helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions on short trips, and donate the kilometers traveled to benefit a cause with great social impact, the fight against brain strokes.

The challenge is open to all people who want to join forces with CHINT to create a positive social impact by donating kilometers or making a contribution to support the activity of the Freno al Ictus Foundation and its Héroes en Casa project.

All participants will add their kilometers with the common goal of reaching weekly kilometer goals, and for each goal achieved, CHINT will make a donation to Freno al Ictus.

The participants will also compete in teams and will be able to get prizes if their team is the one that has added the most kilometers in each of the challenge stages.

For more information on this initiative, visit

All interested persons are invited to sign up for this challenge and collaborate with the Freno al Ictus Foundation.

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