At the Business Sweden Event, CHINT Speak for Green Production

Green Production

Recently, CHINT was invited by Business Sweden to participate in a workshop within the Green Production track in the Pioneer the possible initiative on the topic of green certification. CHINT shared its exploration and practice in the fields of “green factory”, “green supply chain” and “green products” with Swedish enterprises. The enterprise representatives who spoke together also included ABB, SGS, Swedish Atlas Copco, Monte group and other enterprises in China.

CHINT was invited by Business Sweden

In 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the annual green manufacturing list. CHINT won the “green supply chain management enterprise” by virtue of systematic green supply chain management, green production management and other comprehensive indicators. So far, CHINT has become the first Chinese enterprise in the industry to win three national awards at the same time, including “Green Factory”, “Green Design Products” and “Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise”.

In 2020, one of the CHINT factories was rated as a leading “Head Goose Factory”. Through independent research and development of a complete energy management and control center system, this CHINT factory has reduced production and operation costs by more than 30%, and increased per capita efficiency by 4.6 times. While ensuring high product quality, it has greatly improved delivery capabilities, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprise production.

green supply chain management enterprise

In daily production, CHINT actively promotes green product design and introduces the concept of green ecological design into the entire product life cycle. In addition, as a “green supply chain management enterprise”, CHINT takes the concept of green development as the core, pays attention to the coordinated development of environmental benefits and economic benefits, selects cooperative suppliers through unified benchmarks and criteria, and continuously promotes the joint construction of upstream and downstream of Green supply chain.

In 2021, CHINT joined the United Nations Global Compact and work with international institutions to promote the global sustainable goals. CHINT has participated in the formulation of a number of national standards such as “Brand Cultivation Guide Industry Cluster”, “Low-Voltage Fuse Part 5: Low-Voltage Fuse Application Guide” and other national standards.

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