CHINT Sunlight: Shield Behind Petrochemical Industry

CHINT Sunlight has won the affirmation of COIM

After more than a year of hard work, CHINT Sunlight has successfully won the recognition of COIM group, breaking through the industrial control field dominated by Schneider, ABB, and Siemens. With complete solutions, thoughtful services, and competitive prices, CHINT Sunlight has won the affirmation of COIM, which is CHINT’s first industrial control project in Singapore, opening new opportunities in this segment.

COIM is an Italian multinational founded in 1962, which develops and produces polycondensation and polyaddition products and many other chemical specialties. As its business in Singapore grows, CHINT has provided MCCB, ACB, softstarter, contactor,  overload relay, and other equipment to help COIM in expanding the existing industrial plant, which includes 2 blocks of single-story warehouses, 2 blocks of single-story factories, 1 block of 3 stories ancillary building, 1 block of 3 stories electrical switch room, and 2 tank farms.

electrical equipment

In the petrochemical production process, raw materials and finished products are usually reactive, flammable, and explosive. If these substances are leaked and mixed with combustion supporting gases such as oxygen, can potentially lead to explosive and destructive reactions. Therefore, the petrochemical industry has set stringent and high requirements for electrical equipment.

With years of petrochemical industry experience and continuous innovation and improvement of end-to-end solutions, CHINT adopted a new cabinet design for this project, which made the equipment more user-friendly and easy of install.

From the design phase to localized service support, from design and production to commissioning and installation, CHINT combined the strengths of the global industrial chain with localized services, ensuring the timely delivery of the project and comprehensively helping customers achieve capacity upgrading, and shielding them from the risks.

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