CHINT UNET Solution Was Unveiled at the Enlit Africa 2023

CHINT UNET Solution Was Unveiled at the Enlit Africa 2023

On May 16-18, 2023, the 21st African Electric Energy Exhibition, jointly organized by the South African Electric Power Company (ESKOM) and the South African Ministry of Industry and Trade (DTI), was held in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The exhibition involves power generation, transmission and distribution, smart meters, new energy power generation, water resources management and other fields. Suppliers from 70 countries and regions participated, covering more than 10 countries, including Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa, etc., which is also the longest, the largest scale and the highest level of participants in Africa.

21st African Electric Energy Exhibition

Wu Bin, executive deputy general manager of CHINT Meter, appeared in South Africa with a new solution, among which the differentiated CHINT UNET solution attracted the attention of many exhibitors. 

The scheme uses HPLC and Bluetooth hybrid networking to build a communication backbone network; through Bluetooth Mesh networking and multi-sensor fusion technology, it achieves high-speed and reliable communication and supports the effect of integrated data interaction; 

It builds a stable and reliable Internet of Things communication network, especially for smart cities, campuses and buildings. It truly realizes the connection when there is electricity, so that the network between electrical components and measurement products is more intelligent.

The exhibition provides a platform for face-to-face communication with the world’s leading enterprises and professionals. Through exchanges with experts and partners in the same industry, CHINT Meter can understand the latest trends, technological innovation and market demand in the industry.

This will help CHINT Meter to continuously improve its technical strength and innovation ability. At the same time, CHINT Meter will show its extensive product line to the global audience, including solutions such as smart electric meters, gas meters and water meters, to meet the needs of different customers and scenarios.

CHINT Meter will show its extensive product line

Enlit Africa 2023 South Africa Electric Exhibition is coming to an end, but CHINT Meter will continue to explore the future of the power industry, jointly build a smart, efficient and sustainable energy ecology, provide customers with better products and services, and strive to become the world’s leading provider of smart energy solutions.

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