CHINT was Invited for Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Meeting

CHINT was Invited for Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Meeting

On October 18th, The Second Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference with the theme of “Join Hands towards a Greener and More Inclusive Energy Future” was held in Qingdao. The meeting issued the “Belt and Road” Green Energy Cooperation Qingdao Initiative, calling on all parties to take concerted action to support the green and low-carbon development of energy in developing countries. Representatives from CHINT Global and CHINT Solar/Astronergy participated in the meeting

Energy ministers from “Belt and Road” countries, diplomatic envoys to China and senior officials of international organizations, heads of major domestic energy companies and relevant financial institutions, and heads of some internationally renowned energy companies gathered together to discuss and promote high-quality cooperation on the green energy Carbon development and technological innovation, the development of energy and low-carbon transformation, high-quality interconnection to facilitate energy trade and investment, and the development of green energy for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Zheng Beibei, Vice President of CHINT Global, described CHINT’s innovative measures in the energy field at the roundtable forum of technological innovation cooperation to accelerate the development of energy transformation. 

Advocate and practitioner of renewable energy

As a world-renowned provider of smart energy solutions, CHINT Group has formed the advantage of the entire industry chain integrating “distribution, storage, transmission and distribution“, with operations in 140 countries and regions around the world.

“Anchor “digital intelligence”, implement the strategy of “one cloud and two networks”, promote the transformation of the entire industry chain from informatization to intelligence, and comprehensively upgrade the development, design, manufacturing, and operation and maintenance, and empower global partners. 

Continue to explore carbon neutral solutions for “green sources, intelligent networks, load reduction, and new storage“, and focus on the implementation of photovoltaic +, distributed regional integrated energy stations, park/city-level smart micro grid solutions, smart cities, zero-carbon buildings and smarts building and other new technologies, new business formats, application scenarios and new models, to create a new infrastructure for multi-scenario energy storage, and to strengthen large-scale innovative applications; 

pilot international renewable energy certificate transactions, and transfer 42,820 I-REC International Renewable to Vodafone Turkey Energy certificate, explore to open up the carbon asset management model from project development, construction, operation to carbon neutral offset“.

As an advocate and practitioner of renewable energy, CHINT has always been adhering to the “green and sustainable” development concept, and working with global partners to jointly promote sustainable energy development, strengthen cooperation in energy accessibility, and strengthen capacity building in the field of green energy.

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