CHINT Was Listed On AEO Mutual Recognition Enterprises

Zhejiang CHINT Electric Co., Ltd


Recently, the General Administration of Customs announced the list of the first batch of AEO mutual recognition enterprises, and 80 enterprises such as Zhejiang CHINT Electric Co., Ltd. were selected.

AEO is short for “Authorized Economic Operator “, which means that enterprises with advanced customs certification can enjoy convenient measures such as low inspection rate and priority customs clearance given by China’s customs, as well as the customs clearance convenience of mutual recognition countries and regions. In short, it means convenient customs, domestic preference, and international recognition.

The AEO mutual recognition observation enterprise is the enterprise representative selected by the General Administration of Customs in order to promote AEO international mutual recognition cooperation at a high level. It will be displayed to foreign parties as a Chinese AEO model enterprise and is the “national team” of AEO enterprises.

AEO mutual recognition enterprises

Up to now, China has signed AEO mutual recognition agreements with 22 economies including the European Union, covering 48 countries (regions), including 32 countries jointly building the “Belt and Road”, and 5 “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements” (RCEP) Member States, the number of mutually recognized countries (regions) ranks first in the world.


Being selected as a customs AEO mutual recognition enterprise is high recognition for the enterprise’s implementation of the AEO standard and the import and export credit system, and also a useful platform and carrier to enhance the domestic and international dual image of the enterprise.

As the first batch of AEO mutual recognition enterprises in the country, CHINT owns a 12-year high-credit “Golden Business Card” of the customs. This “green pass” for international trade not only enhances the trust of overseas customers in CHINT, but also plays an important role in the acquisition of orders from overseas markets and the expansion of global business.

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