CHINT Wins Top Award for Eco-Friendly Transformer Tech

CHINT Electric won the First Prize in Power Technology Innovation

In December 2023, CHINT Electric achieved new honors by winning the First Prize in Power Technology Innovation for the project “Key Technologies and Engineering Applications of Low-Carbon and Eco-Friendly Transformers”. This accolade was bestowed by the China Electricity Council for the year 2023.

For many years, CHINT Electric has been dedicated to the development and application of low-carbon, eco-friendly transformers. They were among the pioneers in developing transformers using natural ester as an insulating medium. Currently, they have successfully developed a full range of natural ester insulating oil immersed power transformers ranging from 10kV to 750kV, with some products already in operational use. Since 2018, the natural ester-insulated oil transformer developed for the MSP mine in Australia has been successfully operational for over five years. Up to now, various types of natural ester transformers from 10-220kV have been successfully implemented in 14 countries and regions.

Between December 23 and 24, 2023, CHINT Electric’s 10-750kV natural ester transformers were evaluated by a panel comprising two academicians and over fifty experts from State Grid, Southern Grid, Inner Mongolia Electric Power, testing institutions, electric power research institutes, power generation groups, and universities like Chongqing University. Among these, the 500kV and 750kV natural ester-insulated oil power transformers were recognized for their comprehensive technical performance, achieving an international leading level. Meanwhile, their 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, and 220kV products were rated as reaching an international advanced level. This recognition is a testament to the years of dedicated research and development by CHINT Electric in the field of natural ester-insulated oil transformers.

Aligning with the trend of low-carbon and eco-friendly transformer development, CHINT Electric initiated technical research as early as 2011, focusing on low noise and low loss transformers. For example, an 80MVA/150kV power transformer developed for a Dutch customer, tested under the observation of experts at KEMA laboratories, exhibited an incredibly low no-load noise level of just 49dBA. Low-noise transformers are increasingly favored both domestically and internationally, especially for use in urban core areas, due to their excellent environmental friendliness, low noise, and low vibration characteristics. Additionally, low loss is a trend in both domestic and international power equipment development. CHINT Electric has completed the development of a full range of low-loss and eco-friendly transformers, all of which exceed the level one energy efficiency standard, significantly reducing operational costs for users.

The China Electricity Council (CEC), established in 1988 with the approval of the State Council, is a national organization of enterprises and institutions in the power industry, overseen by the National Energy Administration. The Power Innovation Award, established by the CEC, is a national award in the power industry. It aims to encourage scientific research, accelerate independent innovation, promote the application of advanced scientific and technological achievements, facilitate the transformation of scientific and technological results, and play a leading role in supporting technological innovation, thereby advancing the high-quality development of the power industry. The award recognizes outstanding achievements in key areas that have a strong demonstrative effect and promotional value, significantly contributing to the progress of the power industry.

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