CHINT Won 2 Awards From UNGC For Its Efforts In Sustainability

Chint Won 2 Awards from UNGC

Recently, CHINT, a leading domestic industrial electrics, and new energy enterprise, successfully passed the review of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and was named the “Global Partnership” and “Countries along the Belt and Road” in the “2021 Best Practices for Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals”.

This event highlights the achievements and experience of enterprises in the process of realizing the “United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals” and recognizes the efforts made by enterprises for global sustainable development. CHINT was selected along with more than 30 Chinese companies, including Huawei,, and Lenovo.

CHINT Won Awards From UNGC

Being deeply engaged in the electric power and new energy industry for more than 30 years, CHINT has become a leader in low-voltage appliances, green energy, intelligent manufacturing, and other segments. As an industry leader, CHINT has been strengthening its “One Cloud, Two Networks” strategy, building its digital and platform capabilities, and striving to be an explorer, advocate, and practitioner in the journey of international green and low-carbon development. 

CHINT - a leading domestic industrial electrics

Over the years, CHINT has been committed to the research and development of low-voltage products and has been awarded ” Carbon Footprint Certification in the field of low-voltage appliances”, and “Green Factory” as well as other honors by domestic institutions.

Global Partnership and Countries along the Belt and Road

In the meantime, CHINT has continued to focus on the “Dual Carbon” goals to help build a new generation of power systems. The 310MW Kubuqi sand-light complementary power station of CHINT New Energy has been selected for the United Nations “sustainable soil management” program.

The Smart Electric Meter project in Saudi Arabia has brought more than 500,000 smart circuit breakers to the region, helping Saudi Arabia fulfill its vision of implementing a smart grid by 2030. 

Smart Electric Meter project

The UN Global Compact SDG 9 calls for sustainable industries, innovation, and infrastructure. In this context, CHINT practices the intelligent application of the electrical industry around energy “supply – storage – transmission – distribution – consumption”, and builds a regional intelligent energy comprehensive operation and management ecosystem.

As a participant of the UNGC, CHINT, by coupling the key links in the global upstream and downstream electric power industry, will lead and drive the development of the whole industry chain, and play a bigger role in enhancing the international competitiveness and influence of Made in China and Created in China.

In the future, CHINT will continue to strengthen its scientific and technological research and development, further implement its internationalization strategy, explore overseas markets, seize development opportunities, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, and fully commit to the sustainable development goals of the UNGC.

Lily Zhang, Executive President of CHINT Electrics, said, “In the context of global carbon reduction, CHINT will continue to respond to the call of the Sustainable Development Goals, create affordable clean energy, and help build a new-generation power system that is based on new energy, drive global green and low-carbon construction, and focus on the strategic goals of ‘peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutral’. With agile supply, we will promote seamless cooperation, help build a mutually beneficial electric ecosystem, and jointly explore the future of green energy with the whole world.”

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is the world’s largest international organization promoting corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The “2021 Best Practices for Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals” is an event organized by Global Compact Network China to showcase member companies’ contributions to sustainable development in China and around the world. It provides a platform to exchange business practices and experience and establishes good examples of enterprises actively fulfilling their social responsibilities. So far, it has been successfully held for 9 sessions.

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