CHINT’s Achievement Completing Project 60 Days Ahead of Schedule

CHINT's Achievement Completing Project 60 Days Ahead of Schedule

Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. When faced with the challenging situation of simultaneous epidemic lockdowns and the looming shadow of war, CHINT made the bold choice to confront these difficulties head-on and forge ahead fearlessly.

In Malawi, CHINT’s implementation of the project involving the supply and replacement of transformers and supporting equipment for both the old and new airports showcased their ability to overcome such obstacles.

They managed to complete the project a staggering 60 days ahead of schedule, ensuring round-the-clock power supply to the airport and achieving a major milestone in the EPC project.

“The ability to deliver ahead of schedule and earn the clients’ recognition is the result of our collective effort and determination. We approached each task with unwavering dedication, treating any challenges along the way as mere bumps in the road, much like renovating our own homes,” stated the project leader upon the project’s conclusion.

In March 2022, right after the project commenced, the team encountered the hurdle of epidemic lockdowns. The factory couldn’t adhere to the production schedule, potentially causing significant delays. Through continuous communication, the CHINT team finally reached an agreement with the client, acknowledging the unavoidable delays caused by circumstances beyond their control, which helped stabilize the team’s morale.

Following this, all the teams started collaborating closely, working together to drive the project forward. The procurement team meticulously sourced various products from across the country, tailoring them to meet the client’s requirements. 

These products were then bundled with the pre-produced equipment and prepared for shipment from Shanghai to Malawi. Meanwhile, the logistics team and project department modified the route to the port, effectively shortening the shipping time and miraculously saving an additional two weeks.

The CHINT Team

However, by August, skyrocketing oil prices due to the impacts of war had triggered social unrest in Malawi. The project team stepped up their precautions and provided support to the local workers, once again restoring stability. “None of us complained; we all rallied around one goal: to complete the project as soon as possible.” 

These words echoed the sentiment of the project engineer, reflecting the team’s rapid re-engagement in the project’s construction once stability was regained. Their heightened unity and concentrated efforts propelled them forward.

In the end, CHINT‘s outstanding teamwork, problem-solving capabilities, and unwavering determination to face challenges head-on allowed them to conquer the unforeseen difficulties posed by epidemic lockdowns and social unrest triggered by war. 

After a span of 14 months, the project received its operational acceptance certificate in April 2023, completing it an impressive 60 days ahead of schedule and garnering high praise from the owner.

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