CHINT’s ESG Leadership and Sustainability Initiatives

CHINTs ESG Leadership and Sustainability Initiatives

On November 30, 2023, the Forbes China ESG Innovation Enterprise Selection event was held in Shenzhen. Government leaders, business representatives, ESG experts, and others attended the event to share best ESG practices and discuss innovative ESG thinking. Luan Guangfu, the Acting President of CHINT Group, was invited to attend the event and delivered a presentation on the theme of “New Energy: Innovative Opportunities.”

During the event, the results of the “2023 Forbes China ESG Innovation Enterprise Selection” were announced, and companies such as JD, Lenovo, CATL, and CHINT were recognized for their ESG efforts. Forbes China stated that the event aimed to continuously promote and highlight innovation and outstanding performance by companies in the areas of environment, social responsibility, and governance (ESG).

Luan Guangfu emphasized the role of businesses in promoting ESG principles and exploring sustainability in green, prosperous, and internal governance aspects. As the global climate change challenge becomes increasingly severe, companies are seeking innovative ESG practices to address specific industry issues, contributing to win-win situations for the environment and society and advancing towards a more sustainable future.

CHINT, as a pioneer and explorer of green and low-carbon development, incorporates ESG principles into its corporate development strategy and explores digital solutions and carbon neutrality initiatives.

Innovative approaches combined with electrification are crucial for achieving sustainability. CHINT steadily develops green and intelligent energy systems while leveraging the advantages of green energy systems to explore innovative applications in new scenarios, paving the way for clean energy development and enhancing energy sustainability. Electrification plays a key role in enabling the use of clean energy.

CHINT is committed to being a global leader in smart energy solutions, aligning its mission of making energy safer, greener, more convenient, and efficient with sustainable development and environmental goals. 

The company actively participates in the construction of new energy systems and new power systems, incorporating ESG as an important reference for daily operations across industries. Subsidiaries of CHINT Group, including CHINT Electric, CHINT New Energy, and CHINT Aneng, have released ESG reports this year, sharing ESG concepts and practices.

Implementing smart solutions for sustainability empowers global customers to decarbonize. CHINT, with years of experience in the clean energy industry, focuses on core businesses such as green energy, intelligent electricals, and smart low-carbon industries. It has developed a competitive full-industry chain, empowering customers across various industries to decarbonize with green digital solutions.

CHINT’s “Photovoltaic+” industry model combines economic, social, and environmental benefits, promoting innovative integration across multiple scenarios, such as sand and solar power, fishery and solar power, agriculture and solar power, and forestry and solar power. This approach has yielded positive economic, ecological, and social benefits. 

Currently, CHINT has invested in a cumulative capacity of over 31 GW globally, providing more than 34 billion kWh of green electricity annually and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by over 35 million tons.

As a pioneer in ESG sustainable development, CHINT continues to support digital transformation and low-carbon development for customers in various industries through smart products and integrated electrical solutions. In 2023, CHINT introduced a “localization in international regions” strategy, focusing on green sources, smart grids, load reduction, and new energy storage to accelerate the development of regional capabilities. 

Chint also incorporates its diversified industrial capabilities into local markets and collaborates internationally through the “One Park, One Institute, One Fund, 3+N” cooperation model to achieve mutual sustainable development.

Facing the challenges of climate change, global cooperation is essential. Lily Zhang, President of CHINT Global, CHINT Electric and CHINT Global emphasized the benefits of collaboration, brainstorming, and technology exchange that come from working together. 

The recently concluded 2023 CHINT Global Development Conference and the 10th International Marketing Conference (CIMF) invited experts, scholars, and ecosystem partners from more than 60 countries in the fields of electricity, new energy, industry, and more to explore zero-carbon development opportunities and jointly create a green and sustainable future.

CIMF aims to provide a platform for communication and cooperation among leaders from various industries worldwide. During the 10th CIMF, renowned international media The Economist, along with representatives from the United Nations Global Compact, international information organizations, international certification bodies, and universities, discussed the theme of “Opportunities and Challenges for Global Business in the New Era.” They explored topics related to global climate change and sustainable development, providing attendees with insights into the future.

Opportunities and Challenges for Global Business

In 2023, CHINT, in collaboration with the international consulting firm Kearney, jointly released the “CHINT Electric Carbon Neutrality White Paper” and the “Zero Carbon Declaration,” announcing its goal of achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2028, operational net-zero carbon emissions by 2035, and establishing a comprehensive value chain carbon emissions management system.

This commitment reflects CHINT’s dedication to sustainable development, representing its core philosophy. By combining clean energy with digitization and smart solutions, CHINT continuously enhances its low-carbon development and empowers global customers to decarbonize.

In the complex and ever-changing world of sustainable development, industries worldwide face various challenges in reducing carbon emissions, making green decarbonization solutions even more critical. CHINT continues to build its full-chain advantages, providing safer, greener, more convenient, and efficient energy to empower global partners and promote green, low-carbon, and high-quality development across industries.

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