CHINT’s First Meter Factory Opens in Uganda

CHINT’s First Meter Factory Opens in Uganda

After 15 years of rooting in Uganda’s electric industry, CHINT has built its meter production line in Mbale, eastern Uganda.

CHINT’s Uganda Meter Factory is in the Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park and will serve the entire East African region.

It is a modern power manufacturing plant focusing on producing electric meters built by CHINT. It mainly produces electricity meters and customer interface units. The smart payment meter CHD130 complies with the international STS standard and has an Ultra Anti-Tamper function. It is suitable for many scenarios, such as residential and commercial use.

Local factories have improved product delivery time and quality, the advantages of CHINT’s located manufacturing have further emerged.

In the near future, CHINT will produce products low-voltage electrical appliances, smart electrical appliances, meters, and green energy for Uganda and the wider East African region.

Mr. David Livingstone Ebiru, UNBS Executive director, and Mr. Md. Maksud Hossain, Assistant Representative of UNHCR Uganda, attended and spoke at the ceremony.

“All products manufactured in Uganda by Chinese companies are Ugandan products, CHINT will guarantee the performance we guarantee the quality. We provide assurance that they are superior and as good as others. With the Buy Uganda Build Uganda, Uganda certification of locally manufactured products is key. We are emphasizing making our local products superior to the imported products in that way.” Mr. David Livingstone Ebiru said.

CHINT’s Uganda Meter Factory is CHINT’s first localization meter assembly line overseas, joint venture with local manufacturing companies, with nearly 30 employees and a localization rate of 89 percent. CHINT will leverage its strength by introducing advanced talent management experience, information technology platforms, and R&D platforms to empower employees in Uganda, expand the localization of the factory, and continue to empower the development of the local manufacturing industry.

CHINT's located manufacturing
CHINT's Uganda Meter Factory
CHINT's Uganda Meter Factory

As a world-renowned provider of smart energy solutions, CHINT promotes upgrading and reengineering of its industry chain with technological innovation and practices Corporate Social Responsibility with technology.

CHINT has pledged two full series of solar applications to support UNHCR Uganda’s response to the Ebola Outbreak. The solar applications are expected to introduce green energy to the local health centers and provide light for medical consultations at night.

“CHINT’s donation will enable refugees and host communities to access affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy.” Said Md. Maksud Hoss-ain, UNHCR Assistant Representative in charge of administration.

In the next step, CHINT’s Uganda Meter Factory will take the assembly of electricity meters as its entry point and gradually drive other product businesses of the group into Uganda and radiate to East Africa, working in synergy with CHINT’s factories around the world to help the development of global smart power and the process of energy transformation.

“CHINT Uganda Factory represents an essential step towards a wider global layout and power transition of CHINT. We will work together with other CHINT factories around the world to push forward the development of global smart electric power and energy transition.” Ms. Lily Zhang President of CHINT Global said.

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