CHINT’s High-Speed Power Solution Sets New Standard in Mexico

Amid the wave of globalization, Chinese enterprises are venturing overseas to seek broader development opportunities. As a one-stop solution provider with significant localization advantages, CHINT collaborates with Chinese overseas clients to offer integrated power distribution system solutions. From design planning to power supply by the electric power bureau, CHINT creates a one-stop, rapid delivery ecosystem within 10-18 weeks.

Facing Challenges, Shaping the Future Together

As industrial parks flourish, the demand for power is growing rapidly. Ensuring the stability, safety, and intelligence of power systems has become a major challenge for owners. Additionally, long-term, sustainable after-sales service is a key concern for customers. To keep the park’s power equipment in optimal condition, ongoing maintenance and fault support are indispensable.

Beyond excellent product quality and comprehensive after-sales service, customers also expect timely project delivery and rich local project experience from suppliers. Against this backdrop, CHINT remains dedicated to addressing customer needs, striving to solve their problems and support the reliable operation of industrial park power systems.

Domestic Design and Local Adaptation

With extensive global project experience, CHINT is well-versed in various standards from China and Mexico, such as GB, IEC, UL, and NOM. We easily interpret and manage the technical differences between these standards and skillfully convert the design, production, and usage practices of both countries to create tailored solutions for our customers. CHINT can flexibly respond to the specific power needs of different customers, providing unique solutions for each park. To better serve our clients, we have established a close cooperation mechanism between our teams in China and Mexico, ensuring that designs from China perfectly meet local requirements in Mexico.

One-Stop Integrated Power Distribution Solutions

From design to power supply, CHINT offers comprehensive integrated power distribution solutions. Our supply range includes medium and low-voltage distribution systems below 69kV, including MV switchgear, transformers, LV switchgear, control cabinets, DC panels, terminal boxes, cables, and bus systems, meeting diverse project needs. CHINT’s efficient integrated front-to-back services streamline power company processes, providing customers with complete power solutions. Additionally, CHINT acts as a consulting advisor, guiding customers through other aspects of factory power distribution, creating greater value for them.

Localized Delivery, Comprehensive Project Support

CHINT Mexico leverages this localization advantage and rich resources, Chint has formed close partnerships with local installation suppliers to ensure smooth project execution. We provide fully localized project delivery services, covering every step from project initiation to final handover, ensuring strict quality control throughout. Furthermore, CHINT offers comprehensive power operation and maintenance services, addressing any post-project concerns and ensuring the continuous stable operation of the equipment.

The success of the integrated power distribution project in Monterrey Industrial Park has laid a solid foundation for CHINT Global’s expansion in overseas markets and provided valuable experience for Chinese enterprises in establishing overseas factories. In the future, CHINT will continue to collaborate with more Chinese enterprises to jointly create high-quality overseas projects.

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