CHINT’s Nigerian Warehouse Opens, Achieving Another Milestone in West Africa

CHINT's Nigerian Warehouse Opens

On February 15th-16th, CHINT Nigeria held a major warehouse opening ceremony in collaboration with Armex Logistics Center at their Lagos office. Located at the Aramex airport logistics center with convenient transportation, the warehouse aims to quickly respond to market demand, shorten order delivery cycles, and provide faster and more efficient services to the Nigerian market.

More than 20 potential partners, including channel dealers, OEMs, and panel builders attended the opening ceremony. The products sold very well on the opening day..

CHINT's Nigerian subsidiary

CHINT’s Nigerian subsidiary was officially established in October 2021, aiming to provide fast and efficient one-stop smart energy solutions for Nigeria. Facing fierce competition from European and American brands, CHINT has been continuously cultivating its market reputation to gain a foothold.

The establishment of the warehouse in Nigeria will further expand CHINT’s logistics and distribution advantages, increase sales channels, and improve international competitiveness.

With a population of approximately 200 million and a 2021 GDP of around 440 billion USD, Nigeria ranks first in both population and GDP among African countries. Currently, the capacity of the low-voltage market is approximately 110 million USD, indicating enormous growth potential for CHINT.

Due to the long shipping cycles and the low efficiency of local customs clearance, existing partners often face stockouts. The establishment of CHINT’s warehouse in Nigeria will play a significant role in opening up new distribution channels and collaborating with local panel builders.

CHINT's warehouse in Nigeria

As a leading provider of smart energy solutions worldwide, CHINT has been committed to promoting the development of the power industry. In terms of power cooperation between China and Nigeria, CHINT is not only a participant but also a promoter. In the future, we will continue to make full use of the power projects in Nigeria to promote and expand the use of CHINT products, and further develop the local market. 

At the same time, the Nigerian electrical market is also an important target for our future development. We will leverage our local advantages to achieve comprehensive advantages, strive to gain a greater market share in the Nigerian electrical market, and radiate to neighboring countries in Africa, so that more customers and potential customers can understand and trust the CHINT brand and products.