CHINT’s Recognized as an Export Brand Leader

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Recently, the Department of Commerce in Zhejiang officially released the list of “Export Brand Leaders of 2023.” Here at CHINT, we, as an industry-leading enterprise, have been acknowledged for our outstanding performance in various areas including technological research and development, product quality, and international market expansion. This recognition not only underscores our dedication to brand building and global market penetration but also provides momentum for us to further enhance our brand image and strengthen our position in the global competitive landscape.

About Zhejiang Export Famous Brands

The “Zhejiang Export Famous Brands” selection process is guided by six key criteria established by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce. These criteria include technological innovation capabilities, international standardization of production organization, market sales and consumer recognition, globalization business capabilities, intellectual property protection, and social evaluation. The initiative aims to bolster Zhejiang’s trade competitiveness and foster high-quality development in China’s foreign trade sector.

Here at CHINT, as a global provider of smart energy solutions, we operate in over 140 countries and regions worldwide. We boast four major global R&D centers, six international marketing regions, and manufacturing bases spanning more than 16 countries and regions.

CHINT's Recognized as an Export Brand Leader

Technological Innovation and Contributions

We at CHINT have capitalized on opportunities within the international energy transition by continually innovating and overcoming technological barriers to drive productivity. With a strong emphasis on self-developed technologies, we have made significant contributions to international and domestic standardization efforts. By 2023, we had amassed more than 8,000 patent applications, with over 6,000 patents granted, and have been involved in revising 156 industry standards, positioning ourselves as frontrunners in driving innovation within China’s advanced manufacturing industry.

Expansion and Collaborations

Aligned with the “dual circulation” development pattern, we have not only enhanced our innovation capabilities but also actively expanded our overseas business and upgraded our foreign trade structure. We have established a comprehensive global sales and service network. In 2023, we forged a “Smart Manufacturing” memorandum of understanding with Brazil to collaborate on smart city development. Additionally, we inaugurated operations in our new overseas warehouse in Romania, a pivotal move towards improving overseas supply chain efficiency and linking markets in Eastern and Western Europe.

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Awards and Recognitions

As an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) customs advanced certification enterprise, we have garnered numerous accolades including recognition as “Best Practices in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals” from the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and acknowledgment for sustainable development along the Belt and Road Initiative countries. These achievements bolster our confidence in international development centered on independent innovation and brand empowerment, laying a robust foundation for our international market expansion in alignment with the Belt and Road Initiative.

Looking ahead, we at CHINT remain steadfast in our commitment to high-quality development, brand enhancement, and the promotion of technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

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