CHINT’s Smart Grid Innovations Shine at ENLIT Asia 2023

CHINT's Smart Grid Innovations Shine at ENLIT Asia 2023

From November 14th to 16th, 2023, CHINT Global marked its prominent presence at the ENLIT Asia Energy Exhibition held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Renowned as the most expansive and influential power and smart metering exhibition in the ASEAN region, this event attracted over 12,000 professionals from more than 50 countries, alongside 70 power companies and 300 businesses, encompassing a wide geographic spectrum from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Northern Europe, and parts of Africa

ENLIT Asia Energy Exhibition

At the exhibition, CHINT Global, in collaboration with its Indonesian subsidiary, showcased a wide array of smart meters, including electricity, water, and gas meters, as well as AMI systems and other intelligent data collection solutions. The display also featured reliable low-voltage products such as MCBs and MCCBs, highlighting CHINT’s continuous innovation in smart electricity usage solutions.

wide array of smart meters

A centerpiece of the exhibition was CHINT’s next-generation energy management system, PowerEasy 2.0, which garnered significant attention. This system supports the automatic collection of water, electricity, and gas metering data. Its standardized communication protocols and interfaces significantly enhance interoperability. 

The system’s flexible prepayment and post-payment functionalities cater to various operational scenarios. Coupled with the PowerView mobile app, PowerEasy 2.0 enables real-time energy monitoring and mobile payment options for residential users, facilitating easy upgrades to digital grids through cloud deployment.

During the event, CHINT representatives engaged in productive discussions with officials from the Indonesian National Electricity Company, showcasing CHINT’s innovative smart meters and solutions. These presentations were met with high praise and recognition from the utility delegates.

showcasing CHINT’s innovative smart meters

Another highlight was the unveiling of CHINT’s new solution, Raise, targeted at the secondary metering market. This solution is particularly well-suited for centralized electricity usage scenarios in apartments, residences, and communities. Its easy installation, compact footprint, and built-in inter-meter communication greatly enhance communication stability while reducing long-term operational and maintenance costs.

This exhibition not only brought CHINT closer to its customers but also allowed the company to attract a significant number of potential clients and earn their interest. Demonstrating its product excellence, CHINT reinforced its position in the market while deepening collaborations with power utilities and companies in smart grid transformation projects. 

The event also provided CHINT with an enriched understanding of the Asian market’s needs, ensuring a well-informed approach to catering to the evolving trends in the local power industry.

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