CIMF 2023: Empower a Boundless Energy World in Shanghai

CIMF 2023 Empower a Boundless Energy Future in Shanghai

With the theme of “Empower a Boundless Energy World” the 10th CHINT International Marketing Forum (CIMF)  will kick off in Shanghai, China, from 10 – 14 October 2023. During this conference, we are gathering CHINT Global’s valued customers, providing an exclusive occasion to connect and collaborate with the key players in the global energy industry. Together, we aim to exchange insights, address emerging challenges, and seize future opportunities.


  • Listen to industry experts analyze the latest trends and future directions.
  • Embark on CHINT’s Carbon-Neutral Journey: From carbon-neutral strategies to carbon-neutral conferences, achieving complete carbon neutrality.
  • Introduction of CHINT’s new products and end-to-end industry solutions.
  • Virtual factory tours: Understand the production process and witness CHINT’s commitment to product quality.
  • Embracing the ESG green and low-carbon philosophy, stay updated on conference developments through the “Go CHINT” app and live streaming.
cimf 2023 highlights

The energy industry is undergoing a rapid transformation and evolution, driven by the global trend towards renewable energy and sustainable development. In light of this, we see the growth of opportunities and challenges.

CIMF provides a valuable platform for CHINT to share our progress in tackling these opportunities and challenges, and a rare occasion for CHINT clients to engage with industry experts from the energy sector.

We eagerly anticipate your presence as we seek boundless opportunities in the future energy world, connecting you, us, and the future!

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