CHINT participation in the La Loma Solar Park Project- High praises from the President of Colombia

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Recently, Colombian President Ivan Duque Márquez tweeted that the landmark LoLoma Solar Park project is progressing steadily. He especially highlighted the importance of the CHINT Transformer overcoming many difficulties and delivering on time. This demonstrated the strength of CHINT’s global layout, and further enhanced the confidence of international clients in CHINT’s logistics and supply chain.

At present, CHINT team has overcome the transportation problems under the epidemic situation, successfully delivered and completed the equipment commissioning on schedule, which greatly guaranteed the overall project progress, achieved “zero mistakes” in customer delivery, and once again demonstrated the toughness and strength of CHINT’s supply chain.

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As the world’s leading smart energy service provider, CHINT provides green and low-carbon power industry chain services to more than 140 countries around the world. The stable and efficient operation of enterprises is bound to promote the pace of global energy transformation.

Since the epidemic in Shanghai in 2022, CHINT has strictly complied with the epidemic prevention policy, actively prepared and managed scientifically, and made every effort to deal with the production and delivery in special periods. On April 25, CHINT was selected into the white list of the first batch of enterprises to resume work and production in Shanghai.

“Although there are still some gaps with normal production, the government’s resumption policy has greatly alleviated the current production pressure of CHINT factory and effectively supported the operation of CHINT global supply chain.” Said the head of CHINT Shanghai factory. In special times, policy support and scientific management and control ensure CHINT global’s customer service in green energy, smart electricity, smart low-carbon cities and other fields.

CHINT global supply chain
emergency delivery mechanism

If the supply chain is a relay race, enterprise planning and government support will add full horsepower to production, and performance delivery is a full sprint for the last stick of the supply chain. “After the outbreak, we launched the ’emergency delivery mechanism’ and closed-loop management to ensure the timely delivery of many projects. Recently, we also received a thank-you letter from Sinosteel Equipment Co., Ltd. to affirm CHINT’s professional attitude and enthusiasm.

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“In the context of continuous changes in the global supply chain, we should give full play to the advantages of flexibility and rapidity of private enterprises, use the layout of the whole power industry chain and the layout of the global supply chain to protect the interests of global customers and complete the test brought by the epidemic.” Lily Zhang, Director, Vice President of Zhejiang CHINT Electrics Co.Ltd., and president of CHINT Global, said.

In the future, CHINT Global will continue to improve its global industrial layout centered on the dual headquarters in Shanghai and Singapore, increase the number of overseas operation and maintenance and service centers to 17, overseas logistics centers to 17, and overseas manufacturing plants to 10 +, and spare no effort to promote the development of global supply chain through digital intelligent and low-carbon production, transportation and delivery.

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