Digital Decarbonization Exploration LIVE Begins in 1 Day!

Digital Decarbonization Exploration LIVE Begins in 1 Day

2021 is another unusual year. The Covid-19 epidemic continues to rage around the world. On the other hand, climate change is a major challenge facing human society, and there is a global consensus in the concept of green energy development.

In order to create a communication platform for in-depth insight exchanges and interaction, “The 9th CHINT International Marketing Forum” with the theme “Digital Decarbonization for a Green World” will be broadcast live on December 9, 2021.

Date: (UTC+8) 17:00-19:30, December 9, 2021

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Chairman Nan's Welcome

Digital Decarbonization Summit

We assemble notable industry experts and senior CHINT management to bring you valuable insights into digital decarbonization, Green power, Energy Security, and Digital Transformation

Round Table: Decoding the Future

Be part of a roundtable with senior management, check out key clients and projects that are making a positive impact, and see how CHINT is always embracing changes and continuing to innovate in this new era of green and low-carbon development.

Global Projects Online

Listen to great stories behind key projects in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Spain, Mexico, U.K, Brazil. Egypt, and Uzbekistan.

Keynote speech: Salute to the past, Embrace the future

By CHINT Global President Ms. Lily Zhang

Environmental Protection Commitment

A pledge to all our clients/partners/employees to contribute to environment protection

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