Date with Sunshine – Watch Dutch Kids Understand PV Power Plant

Watch Dutch Kids Understand PV Power Plant

This group of children who are actively asking questions is students from grades 5 to 8 of Elserike Elementary School in the Netherlands. On this day, they came to visit the Markelo 6.5MW Photovoltaic Power Plant located opposite their school, to participate in the open day activities and learn about the operation of a working solar photovoltaic power plant.

The person who is patiently answering all the questions is Mr. Wouter Guliker, the head of development of the CHINT New Energy Markelo Photovoltaic Power Plant.

Thanks to the local electricity market conditions and the strong environmental protection sentiments, most children’s homes have been installed with household photovoltaic power panels on their roofs. They have gathered together to passionately discuss the issues of photovoltaic power plants and animal conservation.

In their view, the Markelo Photovoltaic Power Plant is not only an energy center incorporating modern science and technology but also a small ecological paradise. Nesting baskets are installed in the area so that the birds can come to rest and breed here. At the same time, the simple fence around the power station allows easy access to small wild animals to come and play in the area.

patiently answering all the questions is Mr. Wouter Guliker

For the Markelo 6.5MW Photovoltaic Power Station in Overijssel, in the eastern Netherlands, CHINT Solar is responsible for the supply of photovoltaic components, the engineering package, and general contracting of the project. 

 Approximately 12,000 Astro series high-efficiency photovoltaic modules independently developed and produced by CHINT New Energy are installed here. This project will provide continuous green electricity to more than 2,000 households.

Markelo 6.5MW Photovoltaic Power Station

It is worth mentioning that the site of the power station was originally a dilapidated asylum seeker center, and had not been used since 2012. By clearing the sites and constructing photovoltaic power plants, CHINT Solar produces renewable green energy while increasing the value of the originally abandoned sites, demonstrating the advantages and vitality of renewable energy and vigorously promoting the conversion of the local energy infrastructure to clean energy.

Just like the Stadskanaal 101MW, Buinerveen 45MW, Ommelanderwijk 5.7MW, Midden Groningen 103MW, Andijk 15MW, Veendam 15.5MW, and other photovoltaic power plants that were completed and connected to the grid in the Netherlands, CHINT Solar follows the principle of adapting to local conditions. 

It deeply considers the impact of the power station on the surrounding natural environment and local residents, fully embodying CHINT’s “Wonderful Photovoltaic” concept.

CHINT’s “Wonderful Photovoltaic” concept

The head of Markelo Photovoltaic Power Station said that bringing students to the world of solar power is a very interesting idea.”Children are very eager to learn about new things and ask a lot of questions and we can see that the younger generation is concerned about the natural environment and climate change.

CHINT Solar is committed to promoting sustainable energy in the Netherlands and creating a better environment for the next generation.”

Mr. Bertjan tenDonkelaar, is very supportive of the power station’s open day activities

The principal of the school, Mr. Bertjan tenDonkelaar, is very supportive of the power station’s open day activities. He said: “Elserike school attaches great importance to environmental conservation education.

Every year, it offers environment conservation-related courses and plans to install a photovoltaic power system on the roof of the school. The completion of the Markelo Photovoltaic Plant provides the students with a great opportunity to learn about solar energy, and children will remember this interesting lesson for a long time”.

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