Enriching Life | Retaining Innocence is Key to Creating Miracles

Enriching Life

What is the spirit of childlike innocence?

For CHINTMEN traversing the global landscape, it represents “faith” – faith in all possibilities, faith in the strength of passion and unity, faith in our journey towards the “light” that will undoubtedly reveal infinite potential.

Childlike innocence fuels unwavering dreams and hopes. It’s our lifelong “superpower” that allows us to perform miracles.

“As a child and as an adult, my age changes; but my childlike spirit, my dreams, and hopes remain constant!

We persistently strive to become the individuals we aspire to be, generation after generation! Happy Children’s Day, everyone! May we never lose our childlike spirit, and may we always have joy and fun!”

On Children’s Day, we CHINTMEN momentarily shed our professional demeanor and playfully morph into superheroes. A unique event – CHINTMAN’s Low-Carbon Battle – the Endless Crusade: CHINTMAN VS CO2 MONSTER (a Children’s Day Special Edition) – is launched among our teams in Wenzhou, Shanghai, and Hangzhou.

Attention, universe-wide announcement: The High Carbon Monster is on the loose! It’s kidnapping earthlings dedicated to low-carbon lifestyles. The Earth is in peril! As a warrior from the M78 Nebula Electric Kingdom, a beacon of resistance against the High Carbon Monster, CHINTMAN rallies at specified locations in Wenzhou, Shanghai, and Hangzhou at 16:30 on June 1, 2023!

CHINTMAN warriors

Since the High Carbon Monster invasion pushed the universe into an energy crisis, our valiant CHINTMAN warriors have been on a low-carbon mission. They stand against the High Carbon Monster across the globe, bringing safer, greener, more convenient, and more efficient electricity to every corner of the world. This contributes to universal peace, illuminating the infinite possibilities of an electrified life!

At our A3 base in Shanghai, our renewable energy products have morphed into weapons to battle these monsters – Photovoltaic Blue Sword, Inverter Arrow, and Confluence Wand. The warriors, armed with these weapons, navigate through hand-to-hand combat, ranged battles, and magic contests, all while continuously rescuing hostages and averting the high carbon crisis.

Following this, CHINTMEN in Wenzhou and Hangzhou rally at Hangzhou Building 1 and Wenzhou Science and Technology Building. Through a series of challenges, they continuously defeat the High Carbon Monster.

Of course, there is a cadre of CHINTMEN scattered worldwide who have accepted the call to battle. These warriors are on the frontlines, engaging in the low-carbon defense war for our sake. Little CHINTMEN at home have also received the organization’s “energy reinforcements,” continually contributing from behind the lines and always ready for action.

With the fall of night, our CHINTMEN’ low-carbon defense war achieves its final victory. But new challenges may emerge at any moment. Therefore, we urge our young CHINTMAN warriors to grow healthily and believe that we can prevail in every future conflict, together preserving world peace.

Our struggle against the High Carbon Monster is an unending crusade.

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