Exploration of CHINT by Singapore’s Trade and Industry Leaders

Exploration of CHINT by Singapore's Trade and Industry Leaders

On May 31st, Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry‘s Permanent Secretary for Policy, Mr. Gabriel Lim, along with Consul-General Mr. Chua Teng Hoe, undertook a research visit to CHINT.

Their mission was to investigate the company’s innovative solutions in a variety of fields, including smart industry, smart city, intelligent manufacturing, smart electricity, and smart new energy. The delegation also had in-depth discussions with CHINT’s President, Ms. Lily Zhang, and Vice President and CFO, Mr. Lin Yi Ming, on further enhancing cooperation.

CHINT regards the Asia-Pacific region as a pivotal area in its global strategy. As Singapore sits at the heart of Southeast Asia, it enjoys fruitful relationships with markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

CHINT has furthered these relationships by acquiring Singapore’s Sunlight Electric Factory, thereby establishing itself as one of Singapore’s leading data center providers. It has also involved itself in numerous data center projects like CapitaLand, and clinched the main gas meter project from Singapore’s Power Authority.

Remarkably, CHINT is an active participant in achieving Singapore’s green blueprint, providing tailored solutions for Southeast Asia’s largest and quickest-deploying 200MWh energy storage project. In 2022, CHINT inaugurated its Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore and set up an innovative lab with a focus on electricity, bolstering local and regional collaborations.

Mr. Gabriel Lim acknowledged CHINT’s technical prowess and solution strengths in smart electricity. He expressed his hope for CHINT to push forward related projects in Singapore, thus elevating its digitalization efforts.

Mr. Lim emphasized Singapore’s commitment to scientific research and experimental development (R&D), highlighting the establishment of an R&D fund to spur multinational companies to engage in R&D activities and set up their own R&D bases.

Furthermore, he appreciated CHINT’s efforts to nurture talent in Singapore, expressing his desire to see CHINT’s innovative lab serve as a platform for talent and cultural exchange, as well as a hub for information and knowledge sharing to contribute to Singapore’s smart city transition.

Expressing gratitude for the ongoing support from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and other Singaporean departments, CHINT’s President Ms. Lily Zhang noted the company’s emphasis on innovation and development in Singapore.

She pledged that CHINT, in a globalized context, would continually enhance its local innovation capacity and operational management. Prioritizing local Singaporean talent and technological resources, CHINT aims to consistently explore smart energy solutions in new energy, sustainable development, and digital transformation, laying a robust foundation for future collaborations and contributing to Singapore’s green development blueprint.

Before the discussions, Mr. Gabriel Lim’s delegation toured the CHINT Innovation Experience Center, gaining insights into the company’s green energy, intelligent electricity, and smart low-carbon industrial practices, as well as their technology incubation platform and global market innovation development initiatives.

Exploration of CHINT by Singapores Trade and Industry Leaders
Accompanying Mr. Gabriel Lim during the research were Mr. Adrian Ng, Senior Director of Northeast Asia for the Ministry of Trade and Industry; Mr. Victor Gan, Regional Vice President of Greater China for the Economic Development Board of Singapore; Ms. Seah Yueh Chinn, Deputy Director of Northeast Asia for the Ministry of Trade and Industry; Ms. Casatrina Lee, Regional Director for the Economic Development Board of Singapore; Ms. Alice Chen, First Secretary of Economics for the Singapore Embassy in Beijing; and Ms. Serene Ang, Assistant Director of Northeast Asia for the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Participating in the discussion were Mr. Gu Hao, Director of Public Relations for CHINT Global, and Ms. Sara Chen, Country Manager for CHINT Singapore.
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