Explore the Unlimited Possibilities of Life with Electricity

Explore the Unlimited Possibilities of Life with Electricity

How does electricity change our lives?

In the beautiful Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture where the average altitude is 3,500 meters, more and more people are aware of and start to use new energy. From new energy power plants, household photovoltaic panels in pastoral areas, to outdoor solar street lamps… Advances in electric technology are changing people’s lives on this plateau.

CHINT is committed to exploring the unlimited possibilities of life with electricity. Recently, we installed 10 solar street lamps in the outdoor space of the Snow Area Civilization Charity School in Dege County, Sichuan Province, to light up the campus at night so the students can have more time for extracurricular activities.

This is a solar light pole donation jointly initiated by CHINT and PRO-MATRIX, a customer from Singapore. With the help of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation, CHINT and the customer donated 20 solar light poles to Snow Area Civilization Charity School and Snow Area Dajilizhong School respectively, with a total value of more than 40,000 yuan.

On the plateau, the unique visibility during the day allows you to see the entire campus easily. After the sun goes down, streetlamps are particularly important. “In the past, we didn’t have streetlamps in school. So for safety concern, students were required to return to their dormitories at 9pm.

Now with the solar streetlamps, their extracurricular activities can last until after 10pm,” said Gen Qiu, a logistics teacher at Snow Area Charity School. Summer is the best season on the plateau, and the students really enjoy outdoor activities after school. Gen Qiu looks after the school and its students like a parent. In his opinion, the campus is livelier than usual in the evening after the solar streetlamps have been installed.

life with electricity
life with electricity

After school, the young students at Snow Zone Charity School will read books, have discussions and talk about their futures in the campus. They will share their Thangka works, discuss cooking and sewing skills, and recite theoretical knowledge aloud under the streetlamps… On this vast plateau, they are forging their own futures with the knowledge and skills they learned from class.

The unique light and heat resources on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau provide an excellent venue for solar lighting equipment. In a Tibetan medical school founded 20 years ago, about 520 kilometers north to the Xikang-Tibet Plateau, 10 solar light poles were installed and ready to light up the campus in the evening. “Since we are a public charity school, we need to save every penny and ensure the normal study and life of more than 300 students,” said Ze Zhen Da Rijie, founder of Snow Zone Dajilizhong School. According to his calculation, the school has to pay a lot of electricity bills every year. The newly installed solar light poles do not generate any cost for daily use, being environment-friendly and worry-free.

Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation is a 5A-level public foundation approved by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. It mainly supports and carries out charity activities for poverty alleviation and relief, and also initiates, finances and implements various public welfare projects conducive to the development of overseas Chinese. Based on the common goals, CHINT and the Foundation jointly launched the solar streetlamp project for students in Sichuan and Qinghai provinces to light up the western campuses.

What CHINT has been doing is to provide more people with safe electricity and green energy. Over the years, CHINT has been deeply involved in the smart power efficiency and photovoltaic new energy industry, and we have been actively engaged in energy transformation, providing high-quality solutions to address the challenges in the process of global carbon reduction. In the meantime, CHINT always acted as a global citizen in the process of expanding overseas markets, practicing its corporate social responsibility and creating social values.

On an isolated island at the southern end of Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, villagers in Kampong Chhnang Province are still living a life without electricity. They rely on fires for cooking and kerosene lamps for lighting. In July 2022, witnessed by the Electricity Bureau of Cambodia, CHINT Cambodia installed off-grid photovoltaic systems in the village in Kampong Chhnang Province to produce green electricity using green power solutions and supporting equipment, bringing light to 178 households in the village. “Now we use electricity instead of fire for lighting and cooking. It’s really convenient and safe,” the villagers said.

For all these years, CHINT has been committed to building a community of shared future and driving common prosperity through high-quality development. By leveraging its industrial advantages, CHINT explored and built the new mode of “public welfare + industry + common prosperity”, and has actively taken responsibilities in pandemic prevention and disaster relief, poverty alleviation, education donation, and industrial development through various actions such as establishing the CHINT Common Prosperity Fund, with the aim to form a community of shared interests with our partners and further forge it into a community of shared further.

About Pro-Matrix

Pro-Matrix was incorporated in the midst of the Dot-com crisis in 2000 following accelerating Internet adoption by MNCs and large enterprises.

By capitalising on the wave of demand for IT systems vital to businesses, Pro-Matrix grew from a small outfit Data Centre service provider and has progressed and grew into a prominent service provider that is a mainstay in the Data Centre build and operations industry.

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