The First Batch of Inverters Made in CPS Thailand Delivered

The First Batch of Inverters Made in CPS Thailand Delivered

On April 29, the first inverters of CPS Electronics (Thailand) CO., LTD. were produced and shipped to the United States. The new CHINT power factory in Thailand started preparation in September last year and began mass production in this April.

Under the premise of ensuring the construction period, CHINT power supply team shows the high-efficiency execution and professional services to the customers!

At present, the world is still affected by the pandemic, but the pace and enthusiasm of CHINT Power to promote production has not been diminished at all. The work of the Thai factory is proceeding normally.

CHINT Thailand Company

Mr. Han Ming, general manager of CPS Electronics (Thailand) CO., LTD., said that the economic development cooperation initiative, the Belt and Road promoted by the Chinese government, coincides with the investment preferential policies of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) launched by the Thai government.

In the global environment facing climate warming, to promote the application of renewable resources, photovoltaic is one of the most economical and reliable applications.

In the future, CPS will keep a firm grasp of the market demand dynamics, continue to increase R&D investment, provide customers with satisfactory products, and assume responsibility for the society.

We firmly believe that under the general trend of global carbon emission reduction, the overall direction of the photovoltaic industry is positive.

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