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Happy Women's Day

The power of women can be seen everywhere in CHINT Global. They are lively, vibrant, and excellent in their work, with an undeniable personal charm. Let us get to know them and cheer for them!

Beauty in CHINT Global, more than one definition. We often catch glimpses of different sides of her on various occasions. She is both soft and strong, beautiful and brave, graceful and generous. At the same time, she chooses to move forward, constantly progressing, to light up the endless possibilities.

She never stops learning.

I have finished my supply chain diploma and master degree in business adminstration but learning will not never stop, I plan to continue with DBA as well.

Globalization HR
“The best part of my work is the interaction with global colleagues and the opportunities given to further develop my HR skills and knowledge in the field of recruitment and payroll administration under the mentorship of my HR manager.”

The fast-growing new CHINTer
“I started working as an “Administrative Assistant” and end up working on Human Resources, Financial Analyst and now I’m managing the whole Administrative sector. It’s been a real adventure of growing knowledge! ”

"Previously, I worked within the SchneiTec CHINT for around 2 years starting from 23-August-2021 until now with hard work and work my way up from Worker secondary assembly position to MV Switchgear Test Leader and nowadays my last position is technician in factory."

She always advances fearlessly.

Amy Fan – Kenya,”East African Innovation Pioneer
During a difficult time for CHINT Kenya, Amy voluntarily stayed on site for nearly 9 months, leading the team to boost morale, inspiring team members to overcome difficult problems, creating a positive team atmosphere in the subsidiary, achieving a local business growth of 300% YoY, and promoting the establishment of the first instrument factory in Uganda.

Samah Adel – Egypt Factory;”Entrepreneurship of CHINT EGEMAC
Since joining in 2020, Samah has achieved major breakthroughs year after year. In addition to obtaining orders from well-known companies such as Coca-Cola and Kharafi National International, Samah has also made project breakthroughs in areas such as museums and Gate Mall.

Wang, Li Min – “Entrepreneurship of Mexico subsidiary
Li Min has been stationed overseas for 7 months, leading the local team to form a three-dimensional customer resource circle. She successfully built an “iron triangle” team for the business, from sharing experiences to establishing local project processes, and achieved a closed-loop of LTC processes locally, resulting in excellent results in the first year.

Chen, De Lan – “Digital messenger of low-voltage information control
De Lan flexibly adjusts work plans and solutions based on the actual situation. Integrating the three major industries, she promotes the digital construction of low-voltage control and risk warning. Through continuous exploration, the actual insurance coverage rate has gradually increased to 100%, improving employee insurance accuracy and avoiding the company’s receivable risks.

She is always willing to take on challenges.

Kelly – Marketing Specialist,CHINT SA
As a Marketing Specialist in CHINT SA, she is responsible for creating advertising campaigns, marketing strategies for brand exposures and grow market share. She works closely with sales teams to plan and execute promotional campaigns.

“I work daily with big passion to build a coordinated image of our brand and to bring our company's value to the national market.”

“I am currently responsible for establishing the CHINT Netherlands subsidiary from scratch. Being a new market developer will be a challenging but rewarding journey for me.”

“In SUNLIGHT, besides finance & accounting, I also manage a warehouse. Besides completing personal tasks, communicating & connecting is also a key activity to organization goals. This is my strength!”

“The challenge was to implement the new office involving me in various areas to fulfill the responsibilities of the company, four years have passed, and of these the two most challenging years in Pandemic, adapting to the new ways of teleworking with colleagues and customers and with much enthusiasm taking on challenges in office management, financial support, logistics, and Human Resources.”

“I am a woman who is jokingly referred to as the "Queen of Central Asia" by my colleagues. This year marks my 15th year of unwavering presence in the Central Asian market, and also my 15th International Women's Day spent at CHINT. Every year at CHINT Global, I have a bigger wish, and this year my wish is for a golden plane to fly over Central Asia.”

“For me, challenging myself to be better every year is exciting and fun. Women are amazing human beings. I believe, women can achieve anything if they push themselves beyond their limits. Don’t give up! Set your goals and run towards your dream! ”

“I value collaboration and strive to develop and deliver impactful HR solutions that create value for people and organizations by leveraging on their human capital.”

CHINT Global is an equal and open international platform that provides equal and friendly development opportunities for employees of all genders, skin colors, and races. As a promoter and advocate of women’s empowerment, CHINT Global has joined the United Nations Global Compact. 

We are pleased to take action to continuously promote women’s leadership and work with industry partners, markets, and communities to promote a diverse, equal, and inclusive corporate culture.

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