High Performance and Large Capacity | CHINT PDU Supports High-end Data Center

High Performance and Large Capacity | CHINT PDU Supports High-end Data Center

With the rapid development of cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the era of big data has arrived, and the data generated by various industries is growing explosively, which puts forward higher requirements for data centers. Ensuring that data centers can obtain stable and safe power supply is an everlasting challenge for the power supply and distribution system.

The power supply system of the data center computer room is usually composed of transformers, power distribution cabinets, generators, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and other equipment.

PDU is the terminal power distribution equipment that distributes the output current from the UPS to each IT equipment, which meets the complexity and high-reliability requirements of the power supply system in the data center, and protects against various hidden troubles that may appear in the UPS and output terminals. UPS also provides maximum protection against transient overvoltages and overcurrents caused by thunder strikes or electronic interference.

CHINT has launched the EnergiX-P40 series PDU cabinets for overseas markets, which are suitable for the busbar bridge type power distribution scheme, and provide reliable guarantees for the operation safety of the data center and its users.

Multiple authentications, high reliability. CHINT EnergiX-P40 has passed the IEC-61439 type test, IEC60068 seismic report, and 35kA system cascade protection test report. At the same time, it has a 15kA micro-break protection capability, which meets most high-break usage scenarios in data centers.

Live-Swappable. The outgoing circuits in EnergiX-P40 support live plugs, component removal and replacement. Common MCBs are also compatible with it.

Modular layout to meet individual needs. The layout of incoming and outgoing lines is flexible, every functional unit is separated, and independent monitoring equipment is installed, which is convenient for operation and meets the needs of multiple scenarios.

High capacity, multiple circuits. CHINT EnergiX-P40 has up to 144 outgoing circuits that can meet the power distribution needs of super-large data centers.

Intelligent monitoring, and remote management. The BCM (Branch Circuit Monitoring) system can detect more than 10 kinds of detailed circuit electrical data, realize comprehensive monitoring, remote management and maintenance, and support front and rear door maintenance.

As a smart energy solutions provider, CHINT has followed the trend and is committed to the development of solutions for the communication industry. It has participated in the construction of multiple data center projects in the Philippines, Malaysia and other areas, actively exploring and moving forward in the field of data centers.