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How to Clean Solar Panels

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Do you want to know how to clean solar panels ? Are you looking for some easy steps for solar panel cleaning? Cleaning solar panels will be easy if you know how to do it right. With regular solar panel maintenance, you can minimize the repair and replacement costs significantly. After washing solar panels, you can notice a difference in your energy bills. All the well-maintained devices and equipment perform better for a long time. Your solar panels are not an exception. You can clean solar panels whenever needed to boost their performance.

You might be a bit confused without being aware of the cleaning method. It is natural since any wrong cleaning method can offer adverse results instead of providing the desired benefits. However, you do not need to hire professionals for cleaning. You can clean solar panels. However, you will have to invest in quality products to get minimal maintenance benefits.

When it comes to cleaning solar panels, we will discuss the DIY cleaning method in the following. Also, you will know when to clean your solar panels. Keep reading if you want to clean your solar panels conveniently without hiring professionals.

Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Yes, you can clean your solar panels. Cleaning is a must to boost the durability and performance of your solar panels. Solar panels get external elements exposure. Also, the dust and dirt build-up can impact the efficiency of solar panels. They will block sun lights. As a result, your solar panels will not be able to offer the desired benefits. However, rain can wash most of the dust. But if your location does not get enough rain, the panels cannot work to the full potential. The dust build-up will impact the performance beyond your expectation.

In addition to the dust, the bird droppings play a role. The droppings on the panel can harm more than the dust. If you have deciduous trees near the rooftop, they will cause more harm to your solar panels. First of all, dried leaves will fall on solar panels. Furthermore, trees will attract birds. Both these will cause debris accumulation on your solar panels. In that condition, you will have to focus more on the solar panel cleaning.

Besides, you will have to check the angle of the array. It is worth mentioning you will have to spend more time and effort on flat panels. If you have flat panels, water will pop up and cause muddy residue of leaves. However, if you have angled panels, rainwater will clean all the dirt deposits and bird droppings. Therefore, the maintenance requirement will be less.

Chint solar panel maintenance

How to Clean Solar Panels

Now, you know why you need to clean solar panels. Next, we will cover how to clean solar panels. You can consider professional cleaning once a year. The benefit is that it will not demand your involvement. But if you do not want to hire professionals, you can consider taking the job. First, you will have to understand when cleaning is due. If you find any visible dirt and debris accumulation on panels, you can go ahead with cleaning.

You can consider a physical inspection to know the panel condition. If you see that the panel has bird droppings, debris, and dirt, you can plan for the cleaning. Also, you can install a monitoring system. It will inform you when your panels do not perform up to the expectation. Any alarm is an indication that your system needs your attention. You can check to know the cause of poor performance. It might be due to electrical issues, mechanical problems, and cleaning requirements.

For cleaning, you do not need to invest in many tools. You will only need a hose, a bucket, a non-abrasive sponge, and soap. You might have these things with you. Also, you can check with your installers to know about some specific cleaning needs. If there is any, they will share it with you. If your panels do not require any particular cleaning attention, you can follow the same way you clean your vehicle.

Get a non-abrasive sponge and prepare soapy water. While cleaning, you will have to avoid using high-pressure water sprayers. They can damage your panels. First, you will have to clean bird droppings by using sponges. You can wear gloves during cleaning. You can use the soap that you use for your dishes. Yes, you will have to avoid the laundry detergent and similar products. They can impact adversely. In brief, you will have to use plain water, a sponge, and safe soaps to prevent scratches and any damages.

It is worth mentioning that your solar panels might be very hot on a sunny day. Therefore, you will have to consider any cold day for cleaning solar panels. If you wash panels on a sunny day, you can burn your hand. Additionally, you can impact the effectiveness of solar panels. Soapy water will experience fast evaporation on hot solar panels, and that will cause residues. As a result, you might not get the expected benefits after cleaning.

How Often to Clean Solar Panels

You will have to clean your solar panels whenever any visible dirt accumulation is present. According to experts, solar panels need a thorough cleaning once a year. Also, your location, solar panel design, and the rooftop surrounding will have a deciding role. However, you can consider annual deep cleaning if your area gets adequate rainfall.


Solar panels can minimize your energy bills noticeably. However, poor upkeep can impact the performance of your solar panels. You will have to maintain cleanliness to ensure that the panels get adequate sunlight without any obstruction. You can consider cleaning solar panels with water and soap once a year. However, whenever you experience poor performance, you can check the solar panels to know the cause. Sometimes, a simple cleaning can fix performance issues.

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