Intersolar 2023 On-site | CHINT Displayed Energy Solutions

CHINT Displayed Energy Solutions

It’s time to come and visit CHINT at Intersolar-Power2Drive 2023 at Messe München, Munich! We are inviting all renewable energy enthusiasts and industry professionals to booth No. B5.671 to experience their innovative energy solutions firsthand.

Together with our on-site teams, come and discover the latest PV solutions we have to offer, we’re more than glad to discuss them with you.

Intersoloar 2023 On-site

With the theme of “Digital Decarbonization for a Greener World,” CHINT aims to reshape the European market with its offerings tailored for green energy supplies, green transportation, construction, and manufacturing in smart cities. The booth spotlights CHINT’s commitment to delivering flexible, customized solutions across multiple sectors, underlining its position as a one-stop solution provider in the energy industry.

1. Power Station Solution

The Power Station Solution is an outdoor transformer substation specifically designed for photovoltaic systems. Internally divided into three compartments – a medium voltage switchboard room, a low voltage switchboard room, and a transformer room – it houses a 1000 kVA LV/MV transformer/elevator, optimizing the delivery of solar power for large-scale applications.

Power Station Solution

2. OEM Solution - EV Charger

A safe, comprehensive, and flexible charging solution for electric vehicles, the OEM Solution – EV Charger offers a power range up to 22 kW. With CHINT Cloud and CHINT IIoT integrated, this charging solution covers a complete product series that caters to AC and DC integrated charging pile requirements. With its Type B RCCB, it ensures user safety, making it ideal for use in high-end commercial parking lots, outdoor parking lots, and industrial parks.

OEM Solution - EV Charger


Last but not least, CHINT’s SMART STREET LAMP showcases the full potential of IoT, big data, AI, and green power technology in urban lighting. With features such as smart lighting, video monitoring, broadcasting, information release systems, SOS alarm, environment monitoring, and network system, it offers 24-hour real-time management.

The SMART STREET LAMP serves a multitude of application scenarios, from urban roads and commercial areas to factories, campuses, and hospitals, paving the way for digital, low-carbon, and multi-pole integrated urban lighting.

4.Commercial & Industrial Solar Storage Solution

CHINT is eager to showcase its complete Commercial & Industrial Solar Storage Solution at the exhibition. Designed to deliver power from MV to LV, the solution features a high-performing inverter with a maximum yield efficiency of 98.70%, an integrated power transformation system, and a miniaturized energy storage system. 

This solution ensures the stability of power supply while enabling C&I consumers to engage in the wholesale electricity market by responding to demand and frequency requirements via a VPP aggregator.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Storage Solution

Join CHINT at the InterSolar-Power2Drive Exhibition 2023 to witness the future of renewable energy and the firm’s significant contributions towards a sustainable, green world.

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