Join the First “CHINT Cup” Youth Innovation Competition!

Amid the growing focus on advancing the country through science, education, talent, and innovation, new technologies are rapidly emerging, new opportunities are constantly opening up, and new growth drivers are being created. To foster innovation and connect high-tech talent with exciting projects worldwide, CHINT Group, supported by Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and others, is launching the first “CHINT Cup” Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition!

The digital economy, green economy, and emerging industries are becoming key growth engines. The competition features two main categories: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and four tracks: Green Development, Technological Innovation, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Business Model Innovation. It is open to undergraduates, master’s, and PhD students from universities and research institutes worldwide, as well as young professionals working in innovative fields.

Winners can receive up to 200,000 yuan in rewards. Projects that settle in CHINT’s industrial parks can receive up to three years of free rent and a seed fund of up to 500,000 yuan.Awarded projects may also qualify as “Leading Talent Entrepreneurship Projects,” with up to 10 million yuan in startup funding.

The competition will also connect participants with investment resources from the Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association and CHINT’s sci-tech financial resources, along with government innovation policies and support, providing a stage for young talents to showcase their skills and realize their dreams.

Young talents are the driving force of entrepreneurship and innovation. They have ideas and passion but face challenges like financing, market access, and technology. We need to provide platforms and opportunities to help more young people take risks and try new things,” said a CHINT Group representative. One goal of this competition is to promote the transfer and commercialization of scientific achievements, develop high-tech industries, and establish this event as an“international comprehensive sci-tech incubation platform” and a “national landmark competition for entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Innovation is the core of CHINT’s 40-year history. Sci-tech incubation is a major innovation platform for CHINT, enabling the company to grow through entrepreneurship and innovation.

As a leading smart energy solutions provider, CHINT Group invests heavily in R&D and intellectual property, collaborating with top universities like Tsinghua, Zhejiang, and the University of New South Wales. CHINT also partners with governments, universities, financial institutions, and major enterprises to promote its “One Institute, One Park, One Fund 3+N” model. CHINT has built innovation parks and tech hubs in cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, and Jiaxing, including national-level tech incubators. Through an innovative R&D model and advanced labs, CHINT continues to break through key technologies in low-voltage electrical appliances, transformers, and automation control systems, securing core technologies and nurturing emerging industries like graphene, hydrogen energy, and semiconductors.

By attracting talent through this competition and providing comprehensive entrepreneurial support, CHINT aims to create a platform for deep integration of industry, academia, research, and application. CHINT invites young talents worldwide to explore future technology trends, lead the forefront of innovation, and contribute to global technological advancement.

How to participate?

Scan the QR code to visit the official website.
Select a track and submit the registration form and project plan by the deadline.
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