Journey of Green Energy – CHINT Held the PV Seminar in Panama

CHINT Held the PV Seminar in Panama

At the beginning of November, the last series of Distributed Solar Photovoltaics seminars held by the CHINT Latam team this year came to an end in Panama. At this event, we invited local PV installers, developers, and industrial and commercial owners who are interested in developing PV businesses, with more than 100 delegates attending.

At the seminar, while reviewing the development history, project cases, and future development strategy of CHINT in the Panama market, CHINT on-site engineers also showcased the product samples, demonstrated the application models, and analysed the benefits in great detail, which accpected great response from the customers.

Journey of Green Energy

At present, CHINT Global Latam Regional Headquarters focuses on the development of the new energy market, and has opened up a turnkey service model that provides users with smart integrated energy solutions and engineering installations, helping owners achieve the goals of energy conservation, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. At the same time, it also enhances our brand awareness to achieve more revenue. 

In the past 3-4 years, the direct sales of solar energy-related products by the CHINT Global Latam team exceeded USD 16M, and the sales of household and industrial and commercial distributed projects exceeded USD 40M. Next, for local photovoltaic installers, photovoltaic business developers, purchasers and photovoltaic owners, more electrical knowledge training such as product selection introduction, and application occasions will be conducted to help local industries realize energy transformation and upgrade, and jointly build a green home.

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