CHINT Limitless Superbrand Global Campaign in Action

CHINT Limitless Superbrand Global Campaign in Action

Nowadays, the growing demand for energy and electricity leads to rising carbon dioxide emissions and exacerbates global warming. And we want to change the way the world produces and store energy in the rising global warming climate, and help public institutions, industries and end-users use energy more efficiently while exploring the new blue ocean of green and low-carbon development.

From July 27th to September 30th, CHINT Global launched the “CHINT Limitless” superbrand global campaign. Through a variety of low-carbon activities, it demonstrated that CHINT’s commitments and practical actions in building a regional smart energy industry ecosystem.

After two years, the offline promotion meeting of CHINT Argent was held again, and customers in the capital and surrounding areas gathered together. We not only showed its customers the latest low-voltage products and solutions in the construction field, but also expressed its determination to resolutely implement the concept of “Digital Decarbonization for a Green Future”.

CHINT Argent

CHINT DMCC has conducted its first Cool Season Campaign, Panel Builder Training, which was conducted in our Dubai office where SafeLine sales and technical team were introduced to CHINT brand and products which was followed by a Q&A session and a speech. SafeLine team got the chance to have hands on experience of CHINT’s product in our DMCC showroom, then the event concluded with lunch.

The offline seminar jointly held by CHINT Egypt and core distributors was a complete success. Engineers, contractors, design institutes, and distribution partners in the power industry gathered together. The award ceremony of the “Ten-Year Honorary Partner Commemorative Cup” was also held at the same time.

CHINT South Africa stores

From August 1, CHINT South Africa stores launched a three-month promotion activity called Enter to Win! covering more than 50 stores nationwide. Meanwhile, 100 + breakfast meetings were also held in the stores, and various rebates and prizes were prepared for our customers. We are promoting the concept of environmental protection through gifts such as plant seeds and reusable bags.


On August 25, INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS COLOMBIA S.A. (ISC), a long-term cooperative distributor of CHINT Global Colombia, held a promotion meeting on the theme of CHINT Limitless. CHINT gave a presenatation about reactive power compensation, and invited many customers of panel factories. 

ISC customers made full use of the theme of CHINT Limitless, which was not only used in the pre-promotion of the event, but also fully reflected in the material design of the event and the interaction with the audience on the day of the promotion. 

Cool poster + Cool scene + Cool interaction, various on-site activities and promotional items also fully filled the Cool atmosphere and refreshed local customers. ISC’s August calendar also announced the COOL SEASON event.

CHINT Indonesia

CHINT Indonesia cooperates with Jababeka Elektrik, one of the renowned retail outlet in the Jababeka Industrial Estate where the traffic of visitors are quite high. We aim to increase CHINT brand awareness and provide alternative choice to electricians. We also give out small gifts with purchases.

Automation Expo 2022

Automation Expo 2022, South East Asia’s leading Automation Exhibition happening from 16th to 19th August 2022 at Mumbai. With over 700 exhibiting companies represented across 400+ stall witness live CHINT India’s demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies, new product launches and networking opportunities bringing together customers and suppliers on a common platform.

In recent years, in the face of the complex international political and economic landscape, CHINT has been committed to customer value creation, closely following industry development trends and business scenario changes, focusing on product and solution innovation, promoting channel reform and reconstruction, and focusing on global strategic customers. 

At present, guided by the localization strategy, CHINT continues to promote the efficient operation of overseas subsidiaries, enhance brand awareness, increase industrial investment and financing, and accelerate the global production capacity layout.

So far, CHINT Global has more than 30 localized national companies, 7 overseas manufacturing bases, and more than 20 supply chain service centers, achieving business coverage in more than 140 countries around the world. 

By expanding local production capacity, raising overseas inventories, and leveraging local service advantages, CHINT Global has seized supply chain opportunities and closely linked local customers to achieve rapid response to global customer needs, laying a solid foundation for its overseas business development.

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