Low Carbon Challenge for Low Carbon Companies

Low Carbon Challenge for Low Carbon Companies

Riding a bicycle leads to mobility with a healthier lifestyle and with lower carbon emissions. CHINT Spanish company customer, Antonio just participated in a low-carbon challenge. This charity event was initiated by Spanish Freno al IctusFoundation inviting corporate participants to travel low-carbon and accumulate mileage to fund individuals and groups affected by the “stroke” disease.

According to statistics, one in six people in the world will suffer a stroke in their lifetime, and 90% of the strokes are preventable. Freno al Ictus Foundation has focused for a long time on the prevention and promotion of awareness of stroke disease. It has invited socially responsible local businesses to participate in their efforts. 

CHINT is a world-renowned smart energy solution provider. It has always been committed to various public welfare undertakings such as environmental protection, industry innovation, education, and rural revitalization. In this event, CHINT Spain took an active part in the activity based on CHINT’s concept of social responsibility. 

In 2020, China proposed the dual carbon goal of “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutrality”. The new energy enterprises represented by CHINT will be the main force to achieve the global energy structure optimization and “double carbon” target. At present, CHINT Global has invested more than 8 GW in the construction of photovoltaic power stations, which can save 3.07 million tons of coal and reduce CO2by 8.5 million tons annually. 

In addition, CHINT has made great efforts to innovate in photovoltaic power generation and promoted the integration of photovoltaic construction and household photovoltaic solutions. Through exploring its own “two-carbon” solution, CHINT has achieved breakthroughs and new advances in technological innovation. 

In 2021, CHINT joined the United Nations Global Compact Organization to engrave the genes of sustainable development in the enterprise DNA, and use energy change to help dual-carbon goals, and forge a low-carbon future with the rest of the world.

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