CHINT LV Switchgear Key Accessories Solutions

CHINT LV Switchgear Key Accessories Solutions

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What are LV switchgear key accessories?

LV switchgear key accessories are the essential components of CHINT’s brand new LV switchgear EnergiX-M. Including busbar clamps, locks, hinges, antimagnetic aluminum blocks and other key accessories that can affect switchgear’s mechanical and electrical characteristics. These accessories have been tested in corresponding physical tests and chemical analysis to ensure safe and reliable use.

With people’s higher and higher demand for the quality and safety of switchgear, the role of the key accessories of switchgear is increasingly prominent. Inside our LV switchgear, you’ll find carefully crafted components that make handling and protecting your infrastructure a simple task.

High Strength Busbar Clamp

CHINT brand new busbar clamp, used to support bars, playing the function of insulation and fixing. The busbar clamp has the characteristics of high strength, easy installation and high temperature resistance. Adopting a high strength hexagonal column profile to fix the busbar, so it can withstand the impact of high current. It’s Icw test by Dekra 65kA/3s has been passed in CHINT’s EnergiX-M TTA switchgear.

GPO-3, as the material used in this busbar clamp, passed the relevant fire retardancy test V0 level test, glowing wire test, high temperature test and other related performance tests. It’s safe and reliable, suitable for high-end projects.

To adapt to more application scenarios, this busbar clamp is divided into 2P/3P/4P. Each phase specification can support up to 3 busbars.

antimagnetic aluminum block

Antimagnetic Aluminum Block

If you’re worried about the effect of eddy current on the LV switchgear, then our antimagnetic aluminum block has you covered. It will effectively block this current in the main busbar area. Even better, our special block design allows for simple disassembly of the top beam. Its horizontal busbar can easily be pre-installed in our factory and make for a very simple on-site connection to save you time.

Highlights of NTH1 pan assembly

Our NTH1 pan assembly is the latest comb busbar developed by CHINT, which can be used for power distribution in final distribution boxes of 250A and below. You’ll love how easy it is to quickly mount and disassemble, as well as its ability to be matched with common components.

The NTH1 pan assembly offers full testing reports, optimal security, extreme versatility, and its impeccable design allows for rapid maintenance and expansion at any type of facility. In fact, it’s highly popular in both factory and industrial settings.

Complete test

Our NTH1 offers a full testing report complete with short-circuit withstand strength, clearances and creepage distances, glow-wire dielectric properties, cold, dry heat, ultimate high temperature, drop and so on. It complies with RoHS and EU conformity. CHINT will always take the time to ensure that our products will withstand the normal harmful factors that may be present in the environments in which they may be used.

High security

Our NTH1 pan assembly offers great levels of security. Its busbar is made of T2 copper. Copper content ≥99.90%. All units are fully insulated and totally encapsulated in a composite proprietary matrix filler giving a fault free unit without nuts, bolts, rivets or other fault provoking components.

Rapid maintenance and expansion

Another great highlight of our NTH1 pan assembly is that it’s super quick to mount and remove the components, avoiding large-scale power outages. Even better, this will speed up your expansion time and save you from endless maintenance.

High applicability

Our NTH1 incoming ports can be connected easily to NXB and NB1 series MCBS and other RCD isolator components, as well as NXM and NM8N series MCCBs through the adapter bars. Its outgoing ports can directly accommodate NH4, NB1L, NXB, NB1, and other devices featuring 18mm modulus terminal standard components. Our NTH1 assembly pan can integrate with many existing devices to keep your installation costs to a minimum and your future connection options very versatile.

Pan assembly used in distribution boxes

Our NTH1 pan assembly works in distribution boxes of 250A and below. Thanks to the latest comb busbar technology, your staff can greatly speed up their installation time and starkly minimize wiring difficulties. When compared to other types of complex wiring that traditional distribution boxes offer, the NTH1 is truly a breeze to work with.

It saves a great deal of space by directly connecting with components without the need for wiring. This brand new, compact arrangement design is ideal for creating more operating space inside each distribution box. Even better, you can connect both incoming and outgoing ports with existing CHINT components to keep your infrastructure costs down.

Reliable manufacturer for LV switchgear key accessories and pan assembly solutions

When it comes to protecting your valuable electrical infrastructure, you need a reliable electrical components manufacturer that you can trust. For over 38 years, CHINT Global has led the way in the rapid development of energy solutions. We focus on providing efficient, reliable, and intelligent electrical equipment for all types of businesses around the globe.

chint business model innovation

In fact, we are the global leading smart energy solutions provider for the entire industrial chain with one of the most complete product ranges on the market today. We are committed to providing high-quality products. Both of our LV switchgear and assembly pan solutions meet industry standards and are very easy to use for any facility. 

In fact, we’re on a mission to empower the world with our top-of-the-line products. Contact us today to learn more about our LV switchgear products and other necessary electrical components.

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