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A New Era – CHINT Marching Towards “Double 100 Billion”

New Era - CHINT Marching Towards

From a small family workshop in Wenzhou in southern Zhejiang with an output of less than 10,000 yuan 38 years ago, CHINT is now serving more than140 countries and regions around the world and has entered the era of “Double 100 billion” yuan in revenue and market capitalization. 

This is the power of youth, which is making it happen. From digital intelligence to carbon-neutral, from market research and development to innovation and incubation, from green energy and smart electricity to smart low-carbon urban industries, the CHINT ship is sailing “into the future” with great energy and momentum!

2021 Work Summary and Innovation Recognition Conference

The company and other industry leaders made annual work reports, which opened up a new era for nearly 40,000 CHINT personnel around the world and hundreds of thousands of ecosystem partners to jointly march towards “Double100 Billion” and bravely explore a new world of digital intelligence and dual carbon.

The event took place at Hangzhou as the main venue, and branch venues were set up in dozens of different regions at home such as Wenzhou, Shanghai, and abroad in Italy. Group companies and management team members, managers, professionals, and global sales channel partners of various industrial companies participated through online and offline channels.

Reviewing 2021: Based on the industry innovation, and progress

Time engraves rings of progress every year, leaving a clear and distinct mark. CHINT workers have concentrated their efforts, based on their own business innovation, have made significant progress, and achieved a series of major achievements and breakthroughs.

At the meeting, Ms. Lily Zhang, President of CHINT Global, Mr. Chen Guoliang, President of CHINT Electric, and Mr. Lu Chuan, Chairman and President of CHINT Astronergy, respectively, analyzed opportunities, challenges, and planned future development opportunities, in light of the domestic and foreign conditions. They also summarized and prospected the business sectors of intelligent power distribution, intelligent power transmission, and green energy.

Intelligent Power Distribution Sector

New Era - CHINT Marching Towards

2021 was the year of CHINT Electric’s reform. The company took innovation as the sail and struggle as the oar to move forward through the turbulent waters. Investments, mergers, and acquisitions achieved expectations. Core breakthroughs were achieved in the domestic and foreign markets, new product research and development were accelerated and upgraded, management innovations and changes were made, and human capital management has honed its internal strength.

The 2022 business policy shall be customer-oriented, directed by the market demands, strategic objectives, and key issues. As a guide, taking improving efficiency as the main focus, continue to manage innovation and change, and cultivate new endogenous kinetic energy. It will endeavor, to increase profitable sales, digital transformation technology upgrades. It will reconstruct the supply chain ecology, enhance core capabilities, build efficient and capable teams, and promote high-quality development.

Green Energy Sector

In 2021, facing a complex global trade situation and fiercely competitive environment, CHINT Astronergy managed the change with independent innovations and led the industry with technological strength at the critical moment when the “dual-carbon target” and the digital transformation strategy meet. The company achieved new growth in revenue profit, component sales in the domestic market, and volume of operation and maintenance business. The market share of household photovoltaics topped the list among these businesses.

Planning direction for 2022: We shall maintain the leading position in household photovoltaic business, offer high-quality power operation and maintenance services through advanced science and technology, raise silicon manufacturing to the next higher level, strengthen strategic cooperation with the government, central state-owned enterprises, etc., and build the delivery capacity of “green sources, smart grids, load reduction, and new storage” for new energy sources.

Innovation Recognition: Cultural Genes Lead Development

Innovation is the cultural gene of CHINT for the past 38 years, and it plays a vital leading role in all stages of the company’s development. Since the launching of the 2nd CHINT Innovation Gold Case, Gold Idea, and Gold Pioneer selection activity of “Innovation / Shine” has been launched, It has received active participation from all units.

New Era - CHINT Marching Towards
New Era - CHINT Marching Towards
New Era - CHINT Marching Towards

“CHINT Household photovoltaic brand and Operation Management Model” and “Italy Blue Ocean Plan” won the “Golden Case” Gold Award. “Air compressor energy-saving frequency conversion transformation” and other 10 other projects were selected as “Top Ten Golden Ideas”.  CHINT Electric Terminal electrical manufacturing department Zhu Jun and 10 others were awarded the “Top Ten Golden Pioneers”.

New Era - CHINT Marching Towards

In 2021, CHINT Astronery achieved 500,000 PV households installed with a market share of over 20%. In addition, CHINT Astronery completed the first domestic transaction of PV stations.

Mr. Lu Kai shared how CHINT Astronery has built three strategic control points of excellent operational capabilities, channel capabilities, and innovation capabilities. He analyzed strategic opportunity points such as dual-brand strategy, scale effect, and county-wide promotion, and introduced how to innovate integrated operation and maintenance, photovoltaic shopping malls, smart charging piles, and other businesses as the second growth curve. He put forward the new year’s policy goals of the heavy operation, strong channels, brand creation, and innovation.

New Era - CHINT Marching Towards

Ms. Vicky Chen, through a video link from the other side of the world, introduced the origin of CHINT Group’s first Blue Ocean plan with foreign colleagues from its Italian subsidiary. “The Blue Ocean Plan infuses a change in thinking and consciousness, innovation in management mechanism, and the confidence and support of the team. By motivating employees through an people-based approach, continuously delivering positive Astronery and enabling employees to see the future.”

As an experienced person, she passionately said that because of the blue Ocean plan and this series of Astronery injections, the sales of CHINT’s Italian subsidiary have increased by leaps and bounds. The market share of low-voltage electrical appliances has increased from 1.5% to 4.5%, and the local sales of new Astronery-supporting combiner boxes have surpassed expectations. 

CHINT has also become the only Asian brand in the Italian market with the highest electrical standards in Europe. But this is just the beginning. In 2022, CHINT International plans to implement Blue Ocean Plan 2.0 in 7 countries on three continents. It will copy the Italian model to Indonesia, South Korea, Greece, and other countries, and build a community of units in the post-pandemic to achieve sustainable development.

New Era - CHINT Marching Towards

As a technical staff member, Mr. Zhu Jun of CHINT Electric Terminal Manufacturing Department shared his journey of “knowing that there are tigers in the mountains” when he encountered R&D bottlenecks, as well as his struggle to overcome difficulties, catch up with industry benchmarks, and reach the international level.

His story is of a great struggle. Mr. Zhu Jun said, “CHINT is youthful; innovation is endless. I have experienced the ‘Kunlun Model’ of the starry night, and I have also experienced the dawn of Songjiang at four or five o’clock in the morning. When I think of it now, these are all good memories…”

Looking forward to 2022: Seize opportunities

At the meeting, Mr. Nan Cunhui, on behalf of the company’s senior management, expressed sincere thanks to the Chinese and foreign employees and partners who are fighting on the front line, expressed heartfelt congratulations to all the units and individuals, and made a keynote speech on the theme of “Bravely Exploring the New Blue Ocean of Digital Intelligence and Dual Carbon”.

New Era - CHINT Marching Towards

2021 was a year of change, leading to fruitful results. This year, CHINT entered the era of “Double 100 billion”. It also successfully hosted Ou River Summit and released a solution for “Digital intelligence and Carbon neutrality”. CHINT New Astronery Wenzhou Taihan Yuguang Complementary power generation project, Asia’s largest beach fishing, and light complementary power generation project was successfully connected to the grid. In 2021 CHINT household photovoltaic market share ranked first in China.

Relying on industrial internet platforms, intelligent manufacturing software systems, and intelligent equipment manufacturing capabilities, CHINT was selected as a national-level “2021 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration factory”. CHINT was selected as a national-level “2021 pilot demonstration factory for Intelligent Manufacturing” and it was also selected as a national-level “2021 pilot demonstration factory for Intelligent Manufacturing”.

In the “White Paper on China’s Low-Voltage Electrical Appliances Market”, CHINT was mentioned as the only Chinese brand to receive 6 stars. CHINT’s global localization strategy continued to break through new areas; CHINT Electrical won the Tianmao shuang Double Electrical Hardware Industry championship for 8 consecutive years. As an important action for CHINT to practice social responsibility, it joined the United Nations Compact Organization and ranked first in the 2021 China’s top 100 Private Corporate Social Responsibility List.

Looking at the general trend, in 2022, the century-old changes and the century-old pandemic are intertwined. The world economy will slowly recover, and China’s economy is expected to usher in a new round of policy dividends; the private sector will accelerate towards a new era of high-quality development and become the main engine of common prosperity. Green development will further become a global consensus. The dual-carbon target will be accelerated, and the construction of a new type of power system will bring a vast blue ocean. “Clean Astronery supply substitution” and “Electrification substitution of Astronery consumption” will become the key to the realization of the dual-carbon target.

Taking a new route, CHINT will adhere to the “strategy-oriented, market-driven, and goal-led policy. It will seize new opportunities for digital intelligence and green development, implement the “high-tech, asset-light, platform-based, and service-oriented” business policy, deepen the “one cloud and two networks” strategy, to build a digital CHINT. It will acquire platform capabilities and strive to be an explorer, advocate, and practitioner in the blue ocean of intelligent urban and rural construction and globalization of green and low-carbon development.

It will have a clear and effective policy, based on market demands, paying close attention to resource coordination, strengthening the green Astronery industry, optimizing the intelligent electrical industry, and expanding the smart low-carbon city industry. It will continue to deepen the international market, cultivate science and technology innovation incubation industries, and make every effort to build CHINT’s “3+1+N” new competitive advantage in the industry sector; through the construction and empowerment of digital marketing platform and by the construction and empowerment of digital marketing platforms.

CHINT will realize value sharing with domestic and foreign distributor partners and build a community of marketing future. It will carry out the top-level design of digital transformation, build one system, and one standard, and use digital transformation to promote the improvement in business and manufacturing capabilities and promote the construction of a smart management system.

It will actively play the role of managing platforms and resources, and establish a scientific and technological research and development system, oriented to market needs and pain points; follow the requirements of empowerment to help the small businesses, improve their quality to become bigger, and strengthen their quantity.

It will build a community of supply chain destiny, and promote the construction of an integrated supply chain; firmly adhere to the “six lines” of1+2+3, and effectively grasp the main lines of input and output efficiency and per capita efficiency, strictly abiding by the safety of bottom line of cash flow and debt ratio, and abide by compliance.  It will adhere to the three “lifelines” of compliance, safety, and quality.

Agile and efficient teams shall be fostered and built to create a development environment of common prosperity. People-oriented endeavors shall be adhered to, the reform of the compensation and performance management system shall be deepened, the senior partner system shall be effectively utilized, and the compensation, performance reward, and equity incentive mechanisms with market competitiveness and meeting the development needs shall be established.

Mr. Nan Cunhui said that in the face of the new era, new opportunities, and the new era of “Double hundreds of billions”, CHINT personnel should take advantage of the time and seize the opportunities. They should never forget their humility in starting a business, maintain the mentality of being prepared for danger in times of peace, leaving empty cups to return to zero, starting with the whole package, and strive to achieve breakthroughs timeliness and innovation. They should stir up new trends in green development, and show new responsibilities in promoting common prosperity with high-quality development.

During the meeting, Mr. Zhu Xinmin read out the official document of the “Leading Group for Digital Transformation”, and raised specific requirements for the goals and key tasks of 2022 from the aspects of market expansion, digital consolidation, and development, innovative research, and development, supply chain construction, financial and economic security, and organizational capacity building.

He hoped that all employees will implement the assigned work with a high sense of responsibility, mission, and urgency, not only on top, not just on paper but also as ground reality.

New Era - CHINT Marching Towards

CHINT is on a new journey and a new starting point, Rise and shine, Work together and go to the stars!

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