Different Types of Parking System

Different Types of Parking System

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A parking system carries a massive deal of importance in environments that require parking spaces. There are different types of automatic parking system that exist today. They seek to create an efficient way of managing vehicles entering and exiting parking spaces. This article exposes the different types of parking systems today and why we need them.

What Is A Parking Management System?

A parking management system refers to the methods that allow for efficient utilization of parking resources. Essentially, it seeks to manage parking in a more effective way. There are different elements that facilitate the working of a parking management system. The major components of the management system include the following:

  • Method of payment
  • Access controls
  • Reporting
  • Options of enforcement

What Are The Different Types Of Parking System?

Shuttle Parking System

This particular parking system uses shuttles and elevators for the parking and retrieval of vehicles. Conveyor belts and the pallet exchanger move vehicles between the shuttle and designated parking space.

The shuttle parking system includes both single-level and multi-level. It is ideal for larger parking spaces. Therefore, it is best for outdoor and basement parking.

Puzzle Parking System

It is a semi-automated parking system. It includes combination pallets that make it possible to move parking spots horizontally and vertically. It is an autonomous system that is easy to configure and customize in alignment to a particular property.

The puzzle parking system has a mechanical device that allows for the multiplication of parking space within a parking lot. The system is applicable for outdoor parking.

Rotary Parking System

This system seeks to have room for multiple cars. The structure of the rotary parking system can create room for 6 cars or a bigger number through customization.

Stacker Parking System

There is no pallet for the parking system. A stacker is the moving device that facilitates the parking system. In this parking system, the parking and retrieval of vehicles happens fast.

This is possible through the concurrent horizontal and vertical movement of vehicles as they enter and leave the parking space. For this reason, it is a convenient system for the driver.

Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV] Parking System

It happens in an enclosed parking vault. It can be designed in both regular and irregular arrangements. In order to improve parking efficiencies, it makes use of multiple levels. The automated Guided Vehicle parking system makes use of software systems for easier retrieval of vehicles.

Rail Guided Parking System

This system is similar to the Automated Guided Vehicle only that it makes use of a simplified design. Forward/back and side-side movements are possible in this parking system. Therefore, it brings about the aspect of flexibility in maneuvering travel paths. The system works on solid concrete surfaces.

Crane Parking System

The crane parking system facilitates the vertical travel found in multi-level systems. It makes use of a single mechanism to concurrently move the vehicles requiring parking and retrieval. The rails that the crane moves on are set up at the top and floor. There is a vertical elevator that holds the vehicles that need parking and retrieval.

CHINT Parking System Products

Why Do We Need Parking System?


A parking system minimizes the need of a facility to employ manpower to manage parking. The human element in parking management increases costs because of the need for pay employees.

However, the use of technology to manage parking goes a long way to achieve cost-effectiveness. Also, since there are minimal errors from parking management systems, there is an overall reduction of cost in regards to effectiveness.

Space Optimization

As you already know, parking space is not an abundant resource. The limited nature of parking space makes it important to come up with effective parking management systems. If a facility needs to make the best use of its available parking space, a parking system is the feasible way to go.

Through parking management systems, it is possible to direct motorists to parking spaces faster and more efficiently. Therefore, an automatic parking system makes use of available parking space better than the manual option.

Ease of Use

A well structured parking system is easy to use. If a facility invests in quality integration and organization of automated parking system, members of staff won’t have problems using it. If the system is user-friendly, the cost of training will go down.

In a busy environment, the traditional parking method can be tedious and time-consuming. However, a parking management system proves to be a viable option in regards to the saving of time. This way, clients don’t get frustrated.


Safety is a major factor in parking facilities. Institutions have to consider safety measures in their parking spaces. The importance of parking management systems is that they create a formula of authorization of entrance and exit of vehicles.

The latest safety features are integrated into parking systems. This plays a major role in the elimination of security risks. Cases of stolen and vandalized vehicles are minimal where parking systems exist.

A Sound Investment

Parking management systems are a sound investment. The technology used in such systems has massive benefits for users. There is cost-effectiveness and more functionality that users benefit from a parking system.

Additionally, the fact that a business can be strategic in its decisions approves the significance of the investment. They can make improvements and upgrades in their parking systems.

Solutions and Products for Parking Systems

There are solutions and products that should be part of parking systems for it to be effective. Fundamentally, a smart car park system consists of various tools that make it possible to enter and exit parking lots. 

CHINT has a range of products that are ideal for a parking system. For example, there are products and solutions for rear-view system for an effective smart car parking system. They have the products to make parking management system more functional and effective.


Certainly, a parking system is paramount in today because of the benefits it brings to businesses and facilities. An automatic parking system is far much better than the conventional system of managing parking spaces.

With this in mind, it’s valuable to consider CHINT products like instruments and meters. They have the quality and technology required for highly efficient parking systems.

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