CHINT Global Shanghai HQ Building Installed Solar System

Solar System

On the roof of CHINT Global headquarter office building in Shanghai, some solar panels are neatly Installed, which endows the hanging garden with the function of clean power generation, sunshade and rain protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, roof beautification and so on.

From design and production to installation and operation, CHINT independently built the rooftop 3KW hybrid solar system, using 8 pieces of 450Wp monocrystalline silicon modules with a capacity of 3KW/5.1kWh, reducing CO2 emissions by 0.28 tons. In order to implement the concept of “Digital Decarbonization”, the operating status of the system, like the daily power generation and storage capacity, can be remotely monitored through the APP.

solar panels

The system has been successfully connected to the grid in January this year and has been running smoothly so far. The electricity generated can be used by the building. The excess electricity can be automatically transferred into the battery, which not only increases the usage ratio of green energy but only realizes both environmental and economic benefits.

Let us follow the lens and witness the birth of the PV system.

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