Slovenia’s Solar Surge: CHINT’s Pioneering 6MW Project Shines

Slovenia Solar Surge

Currently, Slovenia’s energy sector is facing the challenge of transitioning to a carbon-free future. In response to this challenge, the Slovenian government has introduced a series of incentive policies to simplify the permitting process for renewable energy, enhance installation and deployment, especially for large-scale photovoltaic systems. Moreover, the country has set a target to install 1GW of photovoltaic systems by 2025.

Seizing the opportunity of Slovenia’s energy transformation, CHINT collaboratively worked with local partners to provide HESS, the project owner, with a comprehensive solution for a 6MW distributed photovoltaic project. This includes system design, project supply, and delivery.

So far, this project stands as the largest installed capacity photovoltaic project in Slovenia. It occupies an area of 6 around 90 acres, consists of approximately 13,200 solar panels, and is expected to generate 6.84 GWh of electricity annually. The projected lifespan of this project is 30 years and can cater to the electricity needs of about 1,800 households.

In this project, CHINT, with its internationally leading comprehensive strength and top-notch technical team, provided a one-stop photovoltaic solution that fully met local design specifications. 

The 10kV grid connection met the European Union’s grid code RFG through photovoltaic power system grid simulation and its reliability verification, ensuring voltage regulation range and frequency response rate met grid standards. All these were crucial to the successful implementation of the EPC project.

Slovenia Solar Surge

It’s worth noting that this photovoltaic power project is located on the banks of the Sava River, where the Brežice hydropower plant is situated. The Brežice hydroelectric plant operates during the night when the photovoltaic station can’t generate power.

The reservoir it runs through provides energy storage, balancing the unstable energy output from the photovoltaic station. It’s also the only hybrid energy power station in Slovenia connected to the 110 kV transmission grid. Currently, the power station is fully operational and running smoothly, receiving high praise from its clients.

According to data provided by the Photovoltaic Association of Slovenia (SPA), by the end of 2022, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic systems in Slovenia reached 724MW. Over the next decade, there will be a continued increase in investments in large-scale photovoltaic power stations.

CHINT, with its localization strategy and technological edge, will ride this wave of opportunity, delve deeper into the local renewable energy market, and provide more clean energy for the region.”

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