Trace Course – Automatic Sizing at Electrical Software elec calc


elec calcTM is a software package that enables the calculation of low voltage and high voltage electrical installations produced by TraceSoftware International (TSI), a France company established in 1987. It has the special functions of one line diagram model design, automatic sizing, power and load calculation, power protection option, manufacturer database, document output and printing, etc., provide accurate electrical system calculation and analysis solutions for domestic and foreign power bureau, power engineering companies, power design institutes, panel factories, as well as industrial users such as construction and ships.

It is the forth tutorial of the Trace Course and going to show you how to realize automatic sizing on this software.

Chint Tracesoftware Cooperation
  • Real –time calculation value
  • Automatic phase balancing
  • Real-time calculation of short-circuit currents and voltage drop
  • Calculation of maximum magnetic setting
  • Automatic design
  • Selection of a reference in elec calcTM catalog
  • Selection of a reference in elec calcTM catalog
  • Automatic selection of a reference in elec calcTM catalog
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