Trace Course – Protections and Discrimination Study on elec calc

Chint Tracesoftware Cooperation

elec calcTM is a software package that enables the calculation of low voltage and high voltage electrical installations produced by Trace Software International (TSI), a France company established in 1987.

It has the special functions of single-line diagram model design, automatic sizing, power and load calculation, power protection option, manufacturer database, document output, and printing, etc., providing accurate electrical system calculation and analysis solutions for domestic and foreign power bureau, power engineering companies, power design institutes, panel factories, as well as industrial users such as construction and ships.

Cascading and selective protection are important in electrical systems. Cascade design can both meet the parameter requirements and reduce the design cost. When conducting electrical system design elec calcTM, users can set the component parameters to generate and save the curves, select the short-circuit points in the system, and generate the system cascading selective protection report based on the short circuit simulation calculation.

It is the fifth tutorial of the Trace Course and going to show you how to realize electrical protections and generate discrimination study.

  • 01 Protection setting
  • 02 Parameter adjustments with curve tool
  • 03 Discrimination Study
  • 04 Complete circuit analysis
  • 05 Saving the curve for editing
  • 06 Discrimination study with short-circuit simulation
  • 07 Edition of discrimination curves
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