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Accessories for MCB or RCBO

A variety of additional features can be achieved with wide range of accessories when used with circuit breaker, such as alerts, shunt trip,under-voltage protection, etc. Usually the Max number of accessories assembled on the circuit breaker is three. Accessories with independent tripping function should be assembled first, such as shunt trip, and under-voltage trip, Followed by other accessories , such as auxiliary contacts, alarm auxiliary contacts.

Which Accessories can be assembled with NXB-63 series?
What's the main function of AX-X1?
The AX-X1 is an auxiliary contact which can achieve long-distance signal indication for the open/close status of the circuit breaker.
What's the diference between XF9 and XF9J?
XF9J can indicates the position of the device's contacts only after the automatic release of the MCBs and RCBOs due to an overload or a short-circuit.
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