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Residual current operated circuit breaker (RCBO) has the function of overload and short circuit protection, isolation and current protection, i.e., besides the protection function of Miniature Circuit Breaker, it can also serve as additional protection for direct or indirect or protective measures for electric fire. It is especially suited for places with low safety level, such as bathroom, swimming pool, plug socket or transformer. Key products series include: NB1L
NB310L, NBH8LE, NB2LE, NB3LE, DZ158LE, NXBLE series,etc.  

The main benefits include that of the breaking capacity  is up to 10kA; The shell and other plastic parts are made of high flame retardant, high temperature resistant and impact resistant plastic; Installation guide rail and size modularization; The dynamic test device makes the button more flexible and reliable; The Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50) Uimp is up to 6kV.   

What's the difference between Electromagnetic and electronic RCBO,such as NB310L and NB4LE?
When the leakage current occurs, the electromagnetic release makes the mechanism trip and disconnect the power supply. It has strong anti-interference and anti shock ability, and does not need auxiliary power supply; Electronic leakage protector, when leakage occurs, is transmitted to the relay after amplifier amplification, and the relay controls the switch to cut off the power supply. It has high sensitivity and small setting error, but it needs auxiliary power supply.
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