Always Keeping Focus on Product Quality ----Nan Cunhui, Chairman of CHINT Group

“Reform and Opening-up have changed my destiny. Nan Cunhui, Chairman of CHINT Group said these words with deep feelings when speaking of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up.


In 1976, at only 13, Nan Cunhui became a cobbler due to his family financial difficulties. Later, Nan found that some customers were very generous when repairing worn shoes. The reason was that many farmers became supply and marketing clerks and worn out their shoes in work. One clerk told him: "Reform and Opening-up has provided platforms for farmers to run factories. We can run supply and marketing business too."


In 1984, Nan Cunhui borrowed 50,000 yuan from the old house mortgage loan. With the help of some friends, he set up a small factory with 8 people in 20 square meters, which is the predecessor of CHINT -- Qiujing Switch Factory of Yueqing. In 1991, Nan Cunhui left from the Qiujing Switch Factory and founded CHINT Group. In the early 1990s, Nan further expanded his business fields and set up the first enterprise group in domestic low-voltage electrical appliance industry in February 1994 by taking products as the guidance and brands as the link, as well as successively uniting more than 40 small and micro enterprises.


On one hand, Reform and Opening-up have allowed numerous Wenzhou people to detect business opportunities and quickly set up large or small processing plants. On the other hand, some enterprises defects in materials or workmanship in order to make quick money and cut corners lead to the prevalence of fake and inferior products.


"Do you want to build up brand or earn money? If you want to build up brand, you have to work hard. If you want to earn money, you can product fake goods just like anyone else.” Facing with the tough question from an engineer from Shanghai, Nan replied: "I want to build up brand first and then earn money." For many years, no matter how the outside world was, Nan always put the product good quality in first priority. "Everything comes to he who waits". In September 2004, CHINT won the highest honor in the quality field at that time -- "National Quality Management Award", and became the first enterprise in the industry to win this award. Up to now, the group has participated in the formulation and revision of more than 190 industrial standards, and obtained more than 1,600 domestic and foreign certifications and nearly 4,000 patents.


Earning money is not better than mastering technologies. It is the consensus of CHINT Group over the years. CHINT not only achieves a leading position in China, but also actively compete internationally. In the new century, CHINT Group strives to promote technological breakthroughs in high-end equipment. It has independently researched and developed key production equipment for solar cells in China, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign countries and becoming a representative of the industry.


Over the years, CHINT Group has made acquisitions in Germany and Singapore, invested in factories in Thailand and Egypt and participated in the construction of hydropower stations in Cambodia in cooperation with central enterprises. Today, CHINT Group is committed to becoming a world leading provider of smart energy solutions.

Chairman Nan Q&A in SCIO Press Conference
Chairman Nan Q&A in SCIO Press Conference
From Humble Beginnings to the World’s Stage
From Humble Beginnings to the World’s Stage
Nan Cunhui, the \\\"Pioneer of Reform\\\"
Nan Cunhui, the \\\"Pioneer of Reform\\\"
First Order Victory -- CHINT Transformer Has Been Successfully Connected to the Power Grid of Egypt
First Order Victory -- CHINT Transformer Has Been Successfully Connected to the Power Grid of Egypt
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