Chairman Nan's "48 hours": a full schedule in Poland

On July 30 to 31 of Poland local time, as one of six Chinese entrepreneurs invited by Presidential Palace of Poland and the Office of Prime Minister of Poland, Nan Cunhui, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC, VP of the All-China Federation of Industryand Commerce, chairman of CHINT Group, participated in several public activities and corporate communication on economic cooperation and future projects in Poland.

Located in central Europe, Poland, a gateway connecting the Belt and Road to the European economic circle, enjoys traditional steady friendship and a long history of mutual exchanges with China. With the advance of China-CEEC cooperation, China-Poland mutually beneficial and practical cooperation has been expanding in recent years with ever-increasing investment of Chinese enterprises in Poland. In a report of Xinhua News Agency, trade in goods between the two parties exceeded $24.5bn in 2018, yielding a 15.5 percent over the previous year.

At the invitation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of Poland, the Chinese delegation held talks with the minister Adamczyk. He pointed out that more Chinese companies are welcome to participate in infrastructure projects in Poland. 

Mr. Gan Baixian, chairman and party secretary of China Railway International Group (CRIG) expressed great interest in Poland's current and future infrastructure projects. Nan said that he is willing to work with CRIG and other enterprises to give full play to their respective advantages to provide high quality, efficient supporting facilities and systems for Polish infrastructure projects.

Halina Szymańska, director of Presidential Palace of Poland, welcomed the entrepreneur delegation at the breakfast meeting. She also pointed out that the previous exchange of visits between the heads of state of China and Poland and the visit of State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Poland in April this year have laid a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation and exchanges invarious fields. The political mutual trust between the two countries has been enhanced, mutual support has been more powerful and pragmatic cooperation has been developing rapidly.

Marek Dietl, chairman of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) and the presidential adviser, introduced the local economy performance. With a 5.1% growth in Poland's GDP in 2018, according to the Poland Central Statistics Office, Poland's economic growth rate has maintained growth for a long period. Diversified economic structure, huge domestic market and low inflation have injected vitality into economic development. Poland's excellent economic growth has provided a strong guarantee for China-Poland economic and trade cooperation.

Later, representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs introduced their companies and carried out heated discussions on project cooperation. Nan mentioned that CHINT is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of smart energy solutions, with services networks in more than 140 countries and regions worldwide and advantages in the power equipment industry whole chain, clean energy technology and overseas construction capacity.

After years' localized development, CHINT Polish subsidiary is dedicated to providing service to local customers in utility, civil and commercial buildings. CHINT has provided series solutions for electrical equipment and energy applications in the European market, as well as established good cooperation relations with Poland railway company PKP in the project of Poland national symphony orchestra.

Marta Gajęcka, VP of PGE and presidential adviser, Dariusz Śliwowski, deputy director of the Industrial Development Agency and Grzegosz Wiśniewski, director of the Institute of Renewable Energy also participated in the breakfast meeting.

Marek Suski, Political Cabinet Director of the Office of Prime Minister of Poland, said that China-Poland friendship is of long standing and Chinese companies are welcome to Poland for investigation and investment. He also singled out the China-Poland Industrial Parkin Grojec, that set up a high-quality platform for China-Poland business cooperation. 

The delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs and guests expressed their appreciation for Poland's excellent business environment, which further enhanced their willingness and confidence in cooperation.

Ardanowski, Minister of Rural and Agricultural Development, expressed the expect that China would strongly support Poland's agricultural exports. Zeng Xiaohui, chairman of Voss Group mentioned that the cooperation with Yantian Port in Shenzhen has improved the efficiency of food import and simplified customs clearance procedures, which is an effective platform for agricultural products and food export.

Poland, like much of Europe, is undergoing an energy restructuring. According to the National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 released by the Ministry of Energy in January 2019, renewable energy will account for a maximum of 13.8 percent of total energy consumption by 2020 and 32 percent by 2030. As the backbone of renewable energy, solar energy has a broad prospect.

A informative talk was held concerning on the topics of new energy and smart park energy efficiency management solutions, among Nan and Mirosław Barszcz, chairman of BGKN, Marta Gajęcka, presidential adviser of PGE, Tomasz Siwak, VP of ENEA and Wojciech Majewski, chairman of Circles of Art Foundation. Polish entrepreneurs were deeply impressed by the capability advantages of CHINT new energy sector, which integrates "efficient panel production, EPC and intelligent operation & maintenance". They hope that CHINT can provide "digital plan" for local energy transformation through in-depth strategic cooperation with Poland's national power company in the future.

Nan's 2 days in Poland, informative and fruitful, further deepened Chinese enterprises' understanding of Poland's investment environment, and had in-depth exchanges with Polish governments and enterprises on the feasibility projects, providing effective channels and new opportunities for Chinese enterprises to carry out various investment activities and market expansion in Poland.

As one of the three strategies of CHINT, globalization has always provided enterprises with the development guidance of deep participation in global value chain. Positively responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, CHINT adheres to open development, seize the historical opportunities to continue constructing and deepening the global layout. Fruitful results have been achieved in the investment and mergers, international productivity layout, EPC with a rapid growth of international business and a string of "Symbol of CHINT" in many countries of Continental Europe.

Before the trip to Poland, Nan paid a special visit to the Chinese and foreign employees in CHINT Europe office to care about the localization development and demands of enterprises in European countries.

The vigorous development of CHINT's globalization layout paves the concrete foundation for expanding in European market. Meanwhile, it also puts forward higher requirements for enterprises' local operation ability in Europe. The subsidiary office of one of CHINT’s high-end brand NOARK, a multilayer modern building, stands out in the P3 Industrial Park in Prague, Czech Republic. In June 2011, NOARK opened its European headquarters in Prague and branches in Poland and Romania, providing a solid support for the development of European business.

Accompanied by Lily Zhang, VP of CHINT Electric, and Beibei Zheng, general manager of CHINT EEA, Chairman Nan inspected NOARK Europe branch, from where all kinds of terminal and low-voltage electrical components are continuously exported to more than 30 European countries such as the Netherlands, Romania, Germany and France. Most products will be delivered to customers within 72 hours.

Combining the localization operation thinking and the advantages of Chinese manufacturing, CHINT has been developing deeply and comprehensively in application innovation, localization innovation and business model innovation. Products and services are fully adapted to European countries and have accumulated high-quality partners in Europe, including SKODA, CEZ, becoming a well-known brand in the industry. More and more European key projects, such as Palacký University Olomouc, hydropower station in Ukraine, opera house in Romania, airport in Bulgaria and national kindergarten in Czech, have also used CHINT brand.

All roads lead to Rome. Nan also visited the treasured place of Apennine Peninsula - Italy. The train to Rome was turned into a "mobile office". Nan, together with Beibei Zheng and Giampiero Tung, partner of the Italian branch, discussed thoroughly about the strategic planning of Italian market expansion.

At present, CHINT has become a quality supplier to ENEL, one of the top three comprehensive energy companies in the world. As early as 2001, ENEL has turned its sights on CHINT, a "newstar" in China's power and energy industry. Facing the high standards and high requirements of the European market, CHINT has stood out from the competition by virtue of its elite R&D and production team, starting its strategic cooperation with ENEL by becoming the largest supplier of ENEL smart meters in the world. In 2018, CHINT won the project of Latin America Electricity Bureau, and successively reached global business cooperation with ENEL in cable, solar energy, power distribution cabinet and other business fields.

After years of business exploration, CHINT has laid a mature channel business network throughout Italy, and established long-term cooperative partnership with EPC companies, major industrial customers. Through various local enterprise resources, joint participation in the tender, CHINT constantly made breakthroughs on PV and infrastructure projects. CHINT also expanded business model of smart city, energy efficiency solutions for municipal government, corporate customers and endusers, further enhancing the brand influence and popularity in Europe and becoming a vivid miniature of the concept of green, environmental protection.

In addition to central and eastern Europeand southern Europe, the 69.5 mw projects of CHINT Solar/Astronergy in southern Turkey, which is at the "crossroads" of Eurasia, is now connected to the grid for power generation. Not long ago, the project won the "Terawatt Class International Construction Brilliant Award" among the ten highlights of SNEC, the world's top photovoltaic expo, and became an important footnote for enterprises to participate in the development of green energy along the Belt and Road.

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651MW, CHINT Refreshing the Bidding Distributed Solar Market
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CHINT's first substation project as EPC contractor in Kuwait
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Intention to sell two PV stations of CHINT Solar Australia
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