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CHINT and JUSHI Egypt Signed MOI on 7.5MW PV Project

Egypt Electricx was held at the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center on Nov. 3th. At the exhibition, CHINT and JUSHI Egypt, ENARA and SOLAR INSTALLER signed a MOI and letter of intent of cooperation on the JUSHI 7.5MW photovoltaic power generation project.

Mr. Qian Zhiwei, the deputy general manager of JUSHI Egypt, Mr. Wang Chunyun, the purchasing director, Mr. Abdallah, the vice chairman of SOLAR INSTALLER, Mr. Muhamed Adel, the investment director of ENARA ENERGY, and Mr. Cai Jianhua, the deputy general manager of CHINT West Asia and Africa, attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Cai Jianhua gave a speech at the ceremony and introduced the achievements and vision of CHINT's localization in Egypt. Mr. Cai said that this project cooperation is another milestone in the development of CHINT's business in Egypt.

It is reported that the project is currently the largest single-roof solar project in the Middle East and Africa and the first private sector PPA project in Egypt. It will also become another iconic photovoltaic project of CHINT overseas market. The signing of the agreement on the cooperation of this project is a beneficial attempt for the new business development and business scope innovation of CHINT Egypt market. It shows that CHINT’s strong resource integration capability in the Egyptian market, which will further boost the business of CHINT whole industry chain.

After the opening ceremony, Mr. Gaber Desouky, the CEO of the EEHC, visited CHINT booth, and expressed his appreciation for the rapid growth of CHINT in Egyptian market in recent years and the active integration by sponsorship in local university.

The Electricx is one of the most influential power and new energy exhibitions in Egypt and the Middle East. The contents of CHINT show for this time include building power distribution systems, Next meter, fire pump industry, solar energy systems and other products and system. Through the live product onsite, the advantages and application scenarios of CHINT's medium and high voltage products were highlighted. The pitch, VR and motion game have also attracted many exhibitors' attention.

New moves of localization in Egypt

In April this year, CHINT Egypt subsidiary was formally established. It is another milestone in the localization of the company after the establishment of the CHINT EGEMAC joint venture factory in 2017 and the operation of the logistics center and after-sales service center in 2018. In the ten years of deep cultivation in Egyptian market, CHINT has continued to promote the breadth and depth of professional services for the Egyptian electricity market, and now CHINT gradually become one of the well-known international electrical solution providers in local market. The products are widely used in the Egyptian utilities, government and military. 

In February, 2017, the establishment of CHINT EGEMAC joint venture factory marked the further improvement of the response and service level of CHINT's localized manufacturing and distribution solutions. It has now developed into a leading brand of power distribution equipment in Egypt, as well as the Middle East and Africa. Now its products have been successfully applied to key projects such as the construction of the new capital of Egypt, the government's landmark commercial buildings and housing construction, public hospitals, and the national power system. The services are radiating to the neighboring countries and regions such as Jordan and the Middle East.

In December 2018, key electrical equipment such as CHINT Distribution Transformer was successfully approved by EEHC. At the same time Medium Voltage Switchgear and RMU got the approval. The deployment of key power equipment has effectively has effectively enhanced CHINT's core competence inserving the Egyptian power industry.

In the future, with the platform of CHINT's "whole-industry, multi-division, integrated service", CHINT Egypt subsidiary will also implement the "Great Electric Strategy" and promote transmission and distribution, instrumentation, solar energy, automation and other products and service. CHINT will thrive provide integrated power services with competitive advantages in the entire industry chain for Egypt and surrounding markets.


CHINT Transformer Laboratory received CNAS certificate
CHINT Transformer Laboratory received CNAS certificate
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Another Project of SUNLIGHT Panels Using CHINT Components
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Monthly Newsflash: Project Cooperation
CHINT POWER Passed Factory Audit of Inverter Supplier by Tesla
CHINT POWER Passed Factory Audit of Inverter Supplier by Tesla
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