CHINT-EGEMAC Rushing Forward and Outperforming in the Pandemic

October 20th, 2020, it is the 28th day that Dr. Jiang of CHINT-EGEMAC returned to China from Egypt. After nucleic acid test and 14 days of self-quarantine at home, we finally met here. When I saw him again, he was the same as before, with a firm look in his eyes. He also had a lot to share about the factory in Egypt. For the sake of everyone's safety, Dr. Jiang still insists on wearing a mask, keeps a proper distance with everyone, and happily shares with us the "CHINT spirit" of the CHINT-EGEMAC.

Overcome all Difficulties to Get Orders Repeatedly

In March, when the pandemic was raging, some people said that it was the "Black Swan" event of 2020. No one knew when it would end. How to deliver a satisfactory report by the end of 2020 would be a difficult challenge for everyone. Since its establishment, CHINT-EGEMAC has been constantly innovating itself, improving the operation and management level of the factory, optimizing the supply chain management and realizing the dynamic balance between sales and production.

2020 is an unusual year. The pandemic has isolated our contact with customers, but they actively broke through the way of communication, and successfully won orders with professional knowledge, enthusiastic service and unremitting efforts, totaling more than 10 million orders.

Dr. Jiang said proudly, "I am very pleased that by October 2020, the orders of CHINT-EGEMAC have increased by 20% compared with 2019."

Enterprises are Responsible for Pandemic Prevention and Control

In the battle against the pandemic, CHINT-EGEMAC, as one of the overseas factories of CHINT GLOBAL, received the aids of masks and medical supplies from the headquarters at the first time. In addition, CHINT-EGEMAC has carried out many localized anti-pandemic measures to spread the responsibility and warmth of the enterprise to every employee.

Masks, alcohol and other anti-pandemic materials were sent to employees and their families. All employees were asked to take nucleic acid tests in high level of laboratories in Egypt to eliminate risk of infection. Personal commercial insurance was purchased for all employees. Covid-19 was included in the reimbursement, in which the personal reimbursement can reach 90%, and the designated hospital was a private hospital in Egypt. Meanwhile, we set up a fund-raising box to provide comfort funds and medical expenses for employees in need to help them in tough times. 

"By virtue of these measures, we have not only won hearts and minds, but also the respect and love of local people," Dr. Jiang said.

One CHINT, One Dream

"Customer Centered, Striver Oriented" is not only a slogan, but also a spirit deeply rooted in the hearts of every CHINT people. On the third day of the New Year, Dr. Jiang and other members have hurried to Egypt to meet with the Chinese employees who have been sticking in Egypt for the whole Spring Festival.

Egypt had the worst outbreak in May and everyone was in a state of panicand anxiety. In order to ensure internal stability, Dr. Jiang worked with all Chinese employees to strengthen communication with their families and employees, calm their worries and stabilize the mood of Egyptian employees while taking practical actions. Leaving their own families behind, they trust CHINT in their hearts, with their hands together to weave the global dream of CHINT.

It will soon be the new year of 2021, and CHINT-EGEMAC is still working hard for customers, striving to write the "spring" of the post-pandemic era. Like time travelers, they rush among customers and projects, taking back business orders continuously, which helps CHINT GLOBAL to constantly press forward.



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