CHINT & ENGIE: Embarking on New Chapter of Cooperation

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on September 20, 2019 that China is fulfilling its commitments under the Paris Agreement ahead of schedule, and the international community should see China's positive performance in climate action, the People's Daily reported.

CHINT, a smart energy solution provider, is also actively responding to the issue of climate change. On January 13, 2021, the international energy giant ENGIE reached an agreement with CHINT Global at its global headquarters in Paris, France. The two sides will further promote the in-depth integration and optimization of the capabilities of their respective platforms, so as to jointly provide more solutions to the severe challenges posed by energy and environment to human society.

Headquartered in France, ENGIE is one ofthe world's top 500 companies and a global leader in the whole natural gas industry, energy services and renewable energy with business in 70 countries. ENGIE is committed to addressing the challenges in energy transition and low-carbon economy by providing individuals, cities and business with efficient and innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and promote global transition to a carbon neutral economy.

With the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of the global energy structure and the change of the global energy supply and demand pattern, the international energy industry is shifting from traditional energy to clean energy and from high carbon to low carbon. Furthermore, more innovative technologies are flooding in, deepening the coordinated development of the globalization of the energy industry. Under this trend, many traditional energy companies have begun to expand their low-carbon energy business, and ENGIE is one of them.

In 2015, the name of GDF Suez was changed to ENGIE after the merger of Suez and Gaz de France (GDF), the two industrial giants, at the place where the Paris Agreement was signed. The French multinational energy giant has embraced the energy revolution with a long-term strategy of "decarbonization, distributed energy, digitalization".

CHINT's industrial chain capability matrix and more than 30 years of manufacturing experience are highly aligned with ENGIE's zero-carbon transformation strategy, and will provide one-stop solutions to effectively enable the relevant energy business model upgrade. ENGIE shows high recognition of CHINT's speciality, reliability and comprehensive industrial chain strength in the fields of smart electricity, green energy, smart city and digital transformation of integrated energy.

The two sides have continuously enhanced mutual trust. Special business team, formed by Chinese and foreign staff from CHINT Global Europe went to ENGIE France headquarters for a tender response. They faced a fierce competition from 29 suppliers. In front of the live panel of judges of procurement and technology from ENGIE global key business unit, CHINT overwhelmed with its strong technical strength and sincere cooperation. CHINT has successfully entered ENGIE's global TOP3 suppliers list.

Beibei Zheng, Vice President of CHINT Global, is full of expectations. She mentioned that in the key period of green economy transformation, CHINT will join with ENGIE to involve in energy revolution and promote the development of related businesses, and jointly contribute to the carbon neutral process of countries and the market development of recycling products.

At present, internationalization has becomeone of the most important development characteristics of China's power energy enterprises. Based on its deep understanding of the power energy industry, CHINT continues to consolidate its industrial service capacity, commits itself to the technological innovation of smart energy and power equipment, and shows outstanding comprehensive competitive strength of supply chain in terms of product technology, solutions and one-stop service. After years of intensive cultivation, CHINT Global has set up 9 branches and 10 offices in Europe, with hundreds of strategic partners and tens of thousands of users. The business coverage covers more than 30 countries in Europe, providing solutions for countries to improve energy efficiency.

In the future, CHINT will also actively devote in global energy transformation, provide quality solutions in the process of carbon neutral and sustainable economic development, and work with global industry partners to build a mutually beneficial, inclusive and common development of the energy industry.



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