CHINT fully promote the resumption of production and work

Spring will come readily when winter ends. In face of the sudden outbreak, CHINT people stick to their posts, adhering to the people-oriented and caring for the health of employees to protect the interests of customers and ensure resumption of production.

Taking up responsibility to orderly resume work

The epidemic is the command, the prevention and control is the responsibility. CHINT established Epidemic Prevention Team immediately and started emergency response mechanism to deploy and implement epidemic prevention and control. We donated 1.43 million dollars to purchase medical supplies and set up a-2.86-million-dollar special anti-epidemic fund.

Meanwhile, the staff health dynamic was collected daily and rework information was paid close attention to. Epidemic prevention and control notice was timely issued, medical material reserve was guaranteed. The Team organized employees to return to work in an orderly manner by classification, time-sharing and batching. The production was resumed according to the sales and production plans.

Overseas sales: global medical supplies purchase to guard life

Due to overseas industrial layout and marketing outlets in Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Africa, CHINT has launched a global campaign to purchase medical supplies through local operation teams in more than 10 countries including South Africa, Spain and Russia. Love has no borders; we never turn back to guard life in the global relay. Every race against time is the responsibility and guarantee of recovery.

ETC online courses: knowledge and skills are always on the way

Work and learning did not stop during the battle against the outbreak. CHINT overseas team opens the home office mode, ready to deliver good service for customers. ETC also launched an online lecture with a series of internal courses regarding customer relationship, new product, project sharing, financial knowledge and business speech. All members have been learning and practicing their own skills, so as to serve customers more professionally.

International logistics team: steady response to ensure exports

Rework of manufacturing dept. and suppliers has been delayed due to the epidemic. Although facing all kinds of difficulties, logistics team worked closely together to ensure the smooth export of goods. 

The customs team summarized the delivery orders, locked the shipping space in advance and tracked the daily delivery plan. Through cloud communication with suppiers and own factory, the order team confirmed the production schedule, accelerated the process operation. The warehouse team explored new freight routes to keep the transport channel smooth. Statistically the logistics team has delivered a total of 1.58 million dollars since the resumption of work one week from February 19 to February 25.

CHINT T&D: building a "protective wall" for epidemic prevention

CHINT T&D held an emergency meeting at the beginning of the outbreak and set up a group for the epidemic prevention and control to carry out the "publicity, investigation, preparation, check and shield" work, built a "protective wall" for the epidemic prevention and control. At present, most of the manufacturing dept. of CHINT T&D have resumed production. All employees on duty wear masks and work methodically under the guidance of technicians.

CHINT Solar: sea-rail transport train to ensure export

CHINT Solar and Southeast Logistics Group jointly launched the first special train for sea-rail transport recently. The special train is full of modules produced by CHINT Solar for the Brazilian photovoltaic project. It started from the railway hub and went directly to Ningbo port. The opening of the special sea-rail intermodal train will further facilitate the transportation channel of CHINT Solar components and more effectively provide delivery guarantee for overseas sales and project demand.



CHINT empower national strength in novel coronavirus battle
CHINT empower national strength in novel coronavirus battle
"CHINT, Turn on the Love" for Indian NISE
"CHINT, Turn on the Love" for Indian NISE
CHINT global intelligent manufacturing to ensure order delivery
CHINT global intelligent manufacturing to ensure order delivery
Another solar city! CHINT won the 2MW solar project in Ghana
Another solar city! CHINT won the 2MW solar project in Ghana
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