CHINT Helps Rebuild Homes in the Earthquake Areas of Turkey

On October 30, a M7.0 earthquake happened inIzmir. CHINT Turkey, in representative of CHINT Global and the COMMONWEAI FOUNDATION OF CHINT, cooperated with the Social Service Department of The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to conducted one-on-one communication with 25 families in the earthquake area, knowing that the living conditions of the local victims urgently need to be improved. Meanwhile, the most urgent needs ofthe affected families are determined.

According to the list of urgently needed materials, CHINT immediately purchased materials including a large number of products, washing machines, bed frames, mattresses, stoves, etc. After shocks continued to occur, steel bars and floor slabs were crumbling, and the remaining walls fell from time to time. However, the employees of the CHINT Turkey completely ignored the risks and faced difficulties. 

On the morning of November 23, local time, they set off from the warehouse and arrived at the disaster areas with supplies, and spent the whole day on the street to donate the needed materials to families in urgent need. At the same time, some of the materials were delivered with the assistance of Social Services Department, and the delivery is still in progress. By now, CHINT is still in contact with the affected families.

This donation project is the first global charity project carried out by CHINT Global in cooperation with the CHINT Foundation. The strong execution of CHINT Turkey and the cooperation of city government of Izmir made the public welfare project be implemented smoothly.

Mr. Serkan DOGAN, the head of the public welfare project of CHINT Turkey, said: "First of all, I would like to thank CHINT Foundation for sending us their requests for help right after the earthquake in Izmir. We would also like to thank Izmir social services department for their careful and systematic work. We ran a smooth and near perfect operation together. It is an amazing feeling to be able to help families who have to leave their homes. It's really great to be with them and be able to relieve their pain a little bit. CHINT has recently started its operations in Turkey but showed why it is a global giant. 

CHINT is an institution that values human beings and living its vivid example is a source of pride for us as employees. Thank you to all CHINT HQ who implemented the motto empower the people instead of empower the world this time.CHINT not only demonstrated the demeanor of an international company to the Turkish people, but also showed its respect and importance to life with practical actions, which made our employees proud. CHINT Global not only adheres to the motto of ‘Empowering The World’, but more importantly, this time, CHINT has empowered life."

Ms. BeiBei Zheng, vice president of CHINT Global, paid great attention to this project and expressed her care and support immediately after the Turkish earthquake. She said: “CHINT Global is a warm company with empathy and responsibility. We care about employees and customers and concern more about the value of life and responsibilities to the international community. In the future, CHINT Global will still lend a helping hand at critical junctures and contribute as much as possible to help people inneed."



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