CHINT Works with GreenGold Energy to Boost Australia's PV Market

Australia is one of the countries with abundant solar energy resources in the world, with about 2000 hours of annual sunshine. With the increasing demand for electricity from residents and continued drive of the government, Australia has become attractive and worthy of PV investment. Subsequently, the PV equipment also has a huge market potential. CHINT Global has just begun to take a solid step in the road of making breakthrough in its PV project.

As early as 2013, CHINT Solar, a subsidiary of CHINT Group, began to export solar modules to Australia. In 2018, it set upan office in Adelaide and a team built to expand the Australian PV project market.

However, the application of key components like transformers, inflatable cabinets and low-voltage cabinets, has been limited. Overseas EPC contractors have local equipment suppliers who have long cooperated with them, as well as stringent technical barriers imposed by local governments on these equipment, which have been impeding Chinese companies from achieving real breakthroughs.

As a solution provider dedicated to offering innovative and integrated technologies for global energy and power, CHINT Global is not deterred by the immediate difficulties. The opportunity came when the 1074 Copper Coast Highway 5MW PV stations was issued by the GreenGold Energy (GGE). CHINT Global Asia Pacific team spares no efforts to win the project by almost one year’s fighting, during which they overwhelms global competitors. They also set up a focus team by sales, technicians and fulfillment to offer qualified technologies and promote services for customers. With the help of E-PLAN software, they firstly successfully complete the Australian standard drawings.

In 2020, shipping and on-site support are highly variable due to the pandemic. But difficulties don't stop ones with a sense of mission. They finally make the delivery on schedule. When after-sales issues emerge, they duly handle them in half a month through remote video. A few days ago, the first test with electricity passed successfully. It is the most important and successful step towards the final successful delivery of the project.

GreenGold Energy (GGE) is an Australian PV power station developer with EPC qualification for PV projects. The cooperation with GreenGold Energy to develop the first Australian PV project of CHINT Global gives more opportunity and confidence for CHINT Global, which plays a key role in the comprehensive development of the Australian PV market. From zero to one is a breakthrough, from one to many is strength, also the value concept of clean energy that CHINT Global has been delivering.

Through business integration and industrial upgrading, CHINT Global keeps opening up the supply chain, optimizing the service chain and establishing the ecological chain. It has won unanimous recognition and praise from customers in meeting customized needs, technology and service response capability. 

In the future, CHINT Global will continue to go deep into the Australian local market, increase the output of Australian standard power equipment. Based on the construction of renewable energy in Australia, CHINT Global will further expand the territory of PV sector, and work with industry giants to promote the sustainable development of green energy in Australia.



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