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Exhibition Special of this Month

CHINT's Participation at Elec Expo 2019 in Morocco, Casablanca

From October 30 to November 2, 2019, CHINT exhibited for the second time in Elec Expo, Casablanca. As one of the main electrical manufacturer present in the fair, CHINT was successfully accomplished its role as one of the most growing brand in Morocco Market.

During 4-day of exhibition, there are about 230 exhibitors from Europe, North America, China, India, Turkey and other countries or regions, attracting around 8,000 visitors from electricity, water treatment, renewable energy, electronics, process automation, engineering and intelligent technology field, etc. In combination with the nature of the exhibition and the market situation in Morocco, CHINT has highlighted its utilities products, water treatment, industrial systems, housing construction, solar energy, smart meters, attracting a large number of visitors.

Mr. Aziz Rabbah, the minister of the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mines and the Environment, also expressed deep appreciation to CHINT during his visit to CHINT stand.

Onsite we also invited visitors to share their selfie with CHINT booth on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to get their special gifts. Many students from local university took participation in this online activity and get good interaction with CHINT staff.

Actually Morocco electrical market is currently one of the fastest growing one in the North & West African Region and 3rd best doing business rate in Africa. The sustained growth in demand for electrical energy in Morocco market is up to 7% since more than 15 years. 

Under this market tendency, CHINT has been rooted in the Moroccan market for more than ten years as a well-known international electrical solution provider. CHINT provides customers with whole-chain products ranging from low-voltage components and home building switches to dry and oil-type transformers, medium-voltage cabinets, RMU panels and solar modules. Services cover power generation, transmission, distribution and utilization throughout the field. 

After years of deep market cultivation, CHINT products are widely used in Moroccan electrical, construction, substation, photovoltaic power station, water treatment and other fields, and have a good reputation and a certain position in market.


2019 UZ POWER: CHINT's New Chapter in Uzbekistan

It is one of the most influential power shows in Uzbekistan and central Asia. CHINT has participated in the exhibition for five consecutive years. The booth area of this exhibition is 24 square meters, mainly exhibiting new products of CHINT Next series, solar energy solutions, and medium voltage products and so on.


CHINT POWER Passed Factory Audit of Inverter Supplier by Tesla
CHINT POWER Passed Factory Audit of Inverter Supplier by Tesla
Monthly Newsflash: Project Cooperation
Monthly Newsflash: Project Cooperation
A new breakthrough in hotel solutions in Dominican Republic
A new breakthrough in hotel solutions in Dominican Republic
CHINT T&D Won Indonesia Distribution System Turnkey Projects
CHINT T&D Won Indonesia Distribution System Turnkey Projects
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