Gao Yunlong gave thumbs-ups to localization of CHINT Spain

Gao Yunlong, vice-chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, led a delegation of entrepreneurs to visit CHINT Spanish subsidiary during their visit to Europe on October 24, Spanish local time. Mr. Gao gave likes to CHINT’s forward-looking international strategic vision and localized business development strategy, which played a demonstration effect for other Chinese enterprises to develop business overseas. He hoped that CHINT could give full play to its advantages, actively respond to the "Belt and Road" Initiative, and continuously improve its competitiveness and influence in the European market.

In the intelligent exhibition hall, Mr. Gao learned about CHINT's innovative practice of providing a package of energy solutions. "What about your European R&D center?" "What percentage are Spanish employees?" "What are the reasons for the contrarian growth by CHINT?" ... Li Ou, GM of CHINT Spanish subsidiary, answered one by one. In Spain, he said, CHINT have walked out the road to a bright brand localization. We built a storage center in Madrid, through there we established a management system in line with international standards and local conditions and successfully set up the local elite team and senior sales team, then gradually achieved internationalization in personnel, sales, marketing, logistics and service.

At the meeting, Zheng Beibei, Assistant President of CHINT, gave a detailed report on the globalization layout, the business performance in European market. The "Belt and Road" Initiative has brought new opportunities to the development of CHINT. CHINT always focused on product globalization, services-oriented and techniques upgrading to a unique road to globalization in overseas market from the product output to service output, to continuous upgrading of investment and M&A.

Veronica, financial director of CHINT Spain, introduced the development of the company's business in Spain. As a brand from Asia Pacific, CHINT has maintained sales growth of more than 30 percent every year since the establishment of its Spanish subsidiary in 2010. In 2018, the sales volume reached 6.8 times than that of 2010, and now it has become the top five brands in the Spanish electrical appliance market. Mr. Gao gave high praise when he learned that employee localization accounted for more than 95% in European market.

In addition, Mr. Gao was very excited to hear that CHINT had provided a complete set of power transmission and distribution equipment for the major energy cooperation project, the natural gas pipeline project between China and Uzbekistan.

Mr. Gao mentioned that the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce will continue to play a good bridge link role to unite, guide and service the majority of private enterprises to help them solve practical difficulties. He hoped that private enterprises investing and operating overseas become ambassadors of friendship, tell good stories about China to foreign customers, and try to spread the Chinese culture of "truth, kindness and beauty".

Currently, CHINT has maintained cooperative relations with more than 80% of countries and regions along the "Belt and Road". This year, business in Albania, Russia, Ukraine and other eastern European countries were up in every market such as international production capacity layout, EPC, transmission and distribution equipment supply, etc.


Global IEC experts visited CHINT, one of the 9 designated routes
Global IEC experts visited CHINT, one of the 9 designated routes
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CHINT Meter won the Chinese Patent Award
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CHINT empower the Hunutlu power plant in Turkey
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Another Project of SUNLIGHT Panels Using CHINT Components
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